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How Artificial Intelligence Brings Out the Humanity in CX

Ritika Puri
January 23, 2019

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Leading economists say that the world is experiencing a technical revolution at a never-before-seen level of complexity. Artificial intelligence (AI) is at the center of this shift and is changing the way that people work, live, and relate to one another.

These trends tend to scare people.

“When we attempt to use machines to replace the role of humans in our social lives, the response is immediate and negative,” writes Steve Woods, CTO and co-founder at NudgeAI for The Globe and Mail.

But there’s another side to this story, says Woods.

“The last islands of human employment won’t be based on skills that machines are incapable of; they will be areas where we won’t desire AI replacement.”

These jobs are built on relationships, caring, nurturing, and social interaction.

In other words, AI has the potential to help humans develop a stronger connection to their humanity. Here’s what artificial intelligence empowers for the field of CX.

AI empowers opportunities to build loyalty

Opportunities to build loyalty and nurture relationships

According to research from ThinkJar, the cost of acquiring a new customer is six times more than keeping an existing one. And research from Wunderman has found that 79% of US consumers want brands to demonstrate they care before considering a purchase.

As Passage AI CTO and co-founder Madhu Mathihalli writes for TotalRetail, “customer support is one of the most important touchpoints for consumers.”

He further elaborates that AIs are sophisticated enough to emulate human conversations. What that means is that companies can devote their people-power to tough problems that robots cannot solve. These tasks include:

  • Reaching out to customers personally and proactively
  • Exploratory research to uncover areas of opportunity
  • The need for high-level analysis of data, to identify problem areas to solve

When CX teams aren’t entrenched in customer success fire drills, they can steer discussions to become more positive.

AI empowers doorways to safety and efficiency

Doorways to safety, efficiency, and innovation

Businesses of all types are using AI to streamline customer experiences. For instance, telecommunications leader Vodafone can predict network and device problems before they arise. Predictive AI is also creating efficiencies at French home-improvement retailer Leroy Merlin, which uses past sales data and other information to pre-emptively stock shelves.

These capabilities reorient the field of customer success from one of problem-solving and trouble-shooting to ideation. CX teams are uniquely situated with on-the-ground perspectives for new product ideas, and companies that conserve resources and invest in ideating have the potential to build strong innovation opportunities.

In the midst of the world’s technical revolution, AI has the potential to give rise to a new ideation economy for legacy companies and new ventures, alike.

Ritika Puri
Ritika Puri
Ritika Puri is a business writer who enjoys making complex topics digestible and fun. She regularly consults for companies in the marketing technology, IT, analytics, financial services, and healthcare space and enjoys leveraging this knowledge in her writing.
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