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How a CX Focus Can Get People to Actually Like Doing Their Taxes

Erik Mathes
March 20, 2020

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For most people, doing taxes is a chore. But a strange thing can happen to those who use modern tax prep solutions—they may even enjoy it.

How could this be? We get an impression early in life that taxes are tedious, complex, and stressful. Yet in spite of this, brands like TurboTax and H&R Block leverage customer experience sweet spots that make tax filing a relative pleasure. Here’s how they achieve the seemingly impossible, and what you can learn from their efforts.

Start with stellar CX content marketing

TurboTax lures consumers in with entertaining CX content marketing featuring video clips highlighting the idea that “all people are tax people.”

By showcasing the everyday experiences of all different types of potential customers before they even use their software, TurboTax’s marketers connect via humor and, for some, spot-on relatability. Check out this notable TurboTax commercial (aired during this year’s Super Bowl) that sets the tone for the customer experience to come.

Connect on a human level with each and every customer

Once someone starts using TurboTax, they’re led through the tax prep process with easy-to-understand terms instead of complex and archaic jargon, as well as empathetic guidance through each sequential step with copywriting that feels human. The company makes an effort to anticipate potential pitfalls people may encounter, and built a comprehensive guide with easy-to-find articles, forums, and videos for a variety of situations, including for specific use cases like reporting cryptocurrency and rideshare earnings for Uber and Lyft drivers, along with online chat with CPAs and EAs for added on-demand support that builds connection and trust.

H&R Block also invested heavily in CX to forge long-term bonds with a different kind of tax filer who prefers meeting with a professional face-to-face. With the hiring of a Chief People Officer in 2018 who set out to prioritize customer experience, company culture evolved to further embrace vulnerability, curiosity, and connection with customers, along with consistency in experience no matter how last-minute a filer may be. H&R Block also rolled out live online chat this year to provide more seamless support, along with digital drop-off so their tax pros can begin the paperwork before a customer’s in-person appointment, shortening and simplifying the process.

Some customers may only want a fast and easy experience, while others may have more complex questions or need emotional support and financial guidance due to unanticipated tax situations. H&R Block’s CX-focused strategy of training employees equally in empathy and efficiency aims to serve a variety of customer situations with the same high level of service.

Make it feel like a game

TurboTax customers can choose whether to complete sections in their preferred order or be guided through each step if they’re not sure where to start. Following the guided path, users enter their income first, which shows the tax bill they’d be left with before any deductions are factored in. Then, with each new business expense or applicable deduction added in, customers start to chip away at their tax bill, and if they’re fortunate, they eventually make it into refund territory—FTW!

Seeing your taxes at the worst-case scenario and then working through the process to earn a tax refund (or at least cutting down your bill) essentially gamifies the tax prep experience—and provides customers with a truly satisfying feeling. Who would have thought taxes could feel like you’ve won something or completed a quest?

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