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Highlights From the Show Floor at ModernCX

Grace Cary
April 12, 2018

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The SmarterCX team explored the floor at Modern Customer Experience, talked with exhibitors about their cool, innovative technology and how they’re elevating customer experiences. Here are some of our favorite showcases.

Therapy Dogs

Canine Therapy Corps is a Chicago-based non-profit that offers animal-assisted therapy programs. These adorable pups were a main attraction and made everyone smile with their clever tricks. Typically, these amazing animals are visiting hospitals, schools and other organizations to provide more than 1,400 hours of therapy every year. Callie, who has been a volunteer with the organization for a decade praised these canines because not only do they visit people to make them happy, but to also become an integral part of the healing process for those who have suffered physical or emotional trauma.

Elgin Street Sweeper

The Elgin street sweeper showcases a brilliant use of augmented reality and IoT to repair machines remotely. Rather than sending a technician to a remote highway to resolve mechanical issues, the AR technology is deployed and allows for a full examination of the sweeper, where the user can even remove parts or completely disassemble the machine to identify the problem.


Another innovative application of augmented reality, the CX Room displayed a Yamaha motorcycle, which could be viewed with Vuzix smart glasses to better understand the mechanics. Much like the technology the Elgin street sweeper used, the glasses displayed 3D renders of the motorcycle, enabling insights into the technical aspects of the bike we ordinarily would not be able to see.


The Vitamix team had their latest blender on display, complete with Bluetooth and near-field communication technology. They showcased the machine’s versatility (yes, it makes more than just smoothies!) by whipping up an almond-cashew-peanut dip. Vitamix is offering a 15% discount to all event attendees, and were excited to let people know that they offer corporate discounts for employees.

Pepper the Robot

Always a crowd favorite, Pepper the friendly customer service robot showed off her range of capabilities, telling the story about where she was born and incorporating lyrics from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song. Seeing her in action makes us wish there were more of her in our everyday lives.

Relaxation Station

Relaxation Station

The Mintigo booth drew lots of attention with massage chairs, chocolate covered strawberries, and a team clad in comfy bathrobes. They created a little oasis on the show floor that had its own special ambiance from candles and soothing colors.


CX Hero Lounge

CX Heroes

The CX Heroes lounge offered an exclusive area for valued CX pros to escape during all the action. Whether they wanted to network, have a snack and some coffee, or just sit and send emails, the space was sleek and well-equipped for all of that.

Mercury Marine and Accelalpha

Mercury Marine and Accelalpha Inc.

Together, Mercury Marine and Accelalpha showcased a unique application of CPQ technology. Mercury Marine, a manufacturer of marine engines, displayed two of these engines as well as their sleek, state-of-the-art dash. By partnering with Accelalpha, Mercury has simplified business processes and allowed for highly tailored interfaces. The CPQ integration enabled Mercury to tackle complexities of different inputs dealers might want, such as throttle or gauges.

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Grace Cary
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