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Field Service USA 2019 – 4 CX Insights You Don’t Want to Miss

Liz Alton
May 09, 2019

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Interested in the latest CX trends in field service? From April 17th – 20th, cross-industry service, support, and customer success leaders came together to discuss best practices in offering world-class customer service and customer experiences. Field Service USA 2019 in Palm Springs offered a cutting-edge agenda, looking at some of the latest trends and most common challenges brands face in the field today. Here’s a closer look at some of the biggest insights from the Field Service USA 2019 event.

Emerging technologies are reshaping the future of field services

One of the major themes of the conference was the impact of emerging technologies on field services. From augmented reality training and repair assistance tools to leveraging IOT data to prepare for service calls, integrating emerging technology drives a better customer experience. John Ranalli, a Senior Product Manager at Oracle, explored the role of new technological innovations in automating field service.

One key theme was the role of areas like machine learning, service logistics, and chatbots, which are changing the field service CX and supporting mobile worker automation. Brands investing in CX technology should pay special attention to the category of tools that can help their mobile workers be most efficient.

“When emerging technologies enter into the field service space, we tend to talk about them in isolation. The focus should really be on how these technologies can work in concert with one-another to create a seamless experience for not only the field resource, but the customer, too,” said John in an interview for this article.

He continues, “In addition, there is a changing of the guard happening that has created an opportunity to merge technological innovation into a cohesive initiative. The industry is facing a retirement crisis and customer expectations are at an all-time high. There is a chance for the field service space to change its historically negative reputation by pairing emerging technologies with a new generation of field service workers – who not only welcome technology to help them do their job, but expect it.”

Focusing on the people and processes behind CX

In a session about AT&T’s customer experience program, the company’s VP of Technical Field Service-Southeast, Moe Mustafa, offered attendees an inside look at the company’s customer service plan. In particular, he explored how the company’s CODE program trained employees to deliver the best Customer Experience possible. CODE is an acronym that stands for: C, Care about our customers; O, own it; D, deliver with confidence; and E, exceed expectations. He explored how having a framework that redefines the way employees engage with customers improves interactions by making them personal, effortless, and inspiring.

If your CX needs to go to the next level, what steps are you taking to equip your team to deliver that experience?

Transforming from a product company to a customer experience company

Laura Laltrello, VP & General Manager of Data Center Services at Lenovo, leads the team behind the worldwide services organization that provides support for Lenovo’s data center customers. Her talk focused on a particular challenge: what steps does a product company need to make in order to become a customer experience company? Her tips included using data and analytics to understand the landscape, and investing in optimization and innovation.

If your company has historically focused more on products than customers, Laltrello demonstrates that there is a way forward. Let data guide your decisions and be strategic throughout the process.

Aligning your team’s compensation to drive the right financial outcomes

Technology often gets a heavy focus in CX. However, organizations are increasingly realizing that the employee experience is key to delivering a great CX. Buddy Saucier is Vice President Service & Security & Fire Operations Johnson Controls. His talk at Field Service USA explored different compensation plans for team members. Tips included looking at different compensation models for different employee groups, tying bonuses to financial outcomes, and what metrics can help to identify success.

Field Service USA 2019 highlighted important CX trends. As CX becomes crucial, businesses of all kinds need CX strategies for their Field Services teams. Investing in the right tools for mobility, training your team, and aligning incentives can all help you make the right start.

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Liz Alton
Liz Alton
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