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Experience This! New Customer Experience Podcast Launched

Mia McPherson
October 12, 2017

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A new podcast on positive customer experience trends, tips, and stories was released this week by Convince & Convert, a CX and tech consultancy founded by marketing influencer Jay Baer.

Describing themselves as “always upbeat and definitely entertaining,” hosts Joey Coleman and Dan Gingiss kick off the first episode of “Experience This!” with a conversation about personal experiences with top brands like Amazon, Netflix, Uber, and Airbnb.

Joey, a customer retention expert, and Dan, a social media expert, relate their experiences with game-changing, innovative brands to the greater subject of customer experience, and the evolving expectations of customers.

“In the old days, your customers used to compare you to the competition,” Joey explains in Episode 1. “Now, your customers compare you to every customer experience they have with every brand they interact with.” Not only do customers compare brands with other brands – they might even compare a brand with the experience they had at a restaurant the night before.

As they lay out in the introduction of the podcast series, the conversation leads to inspiring examples of customer service, and tips on how to get customers to love your brand – including:

  • Offer free shipping! …Even if that means building the cost of shipping into the cost of your product.
  • Continuously evaluate your competition and try out the tools and products that your customers love like Alexa, Netflix, Tesla. Understand what they love about these experiences and incorporate learnings into your own brand’s experiences.

Experience This! sets out to provide entertainment and wisdom for businesses of all sizes and types from enterprises to SMBs, B2Cs, and B2Bs.

Listen to more episodes of “Experience This!” on, on Stitcher, or iTunes.

Learn more about the podcast and its creators at

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