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Everything You Need to Know About the Often Imitated CX Podcast

Jodi Warner
August 28, 2020

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Often Imitated, a new CX podcast, will examine history’s most unique experiences and how these moments in time can teach us lessons about modern customer experiences. From Woodstock in 1969 to the creation of the first light bulb by Edison, the podcast will examine key historic experiences that “have been often imitated but never duplicated.”

What does it take to create truly remarkable experiences? Each episode will feature insights from business leaders who are creating memorable experiences that often influence imitation.

Here’s a sneak peek of the podcast along with everything you need to know about the upcoming episodes including information on:

  • Featured speakers
  • Where to tune in
  • Social media

Note that episode details are subject to change.

Featured speakers

Featured speakers on Often Imitated will include:

  • Shari Johnston, Founder, Women in Revenue
  • Zach Scheel, CEO, Rhumbix
  • Dustin Cohn, Head of Marketing, Marcus by Goldman Sachs
  • Ali Diab, CEO, Collective Health
  • Stephen Kieran, Founder, Kirean Timberlake
  • Kyl Lacey, CMO, Lessonly
  • Jeremy Swift, CEO & Founder, Cordial
  • Jack Philbin, CEO & Founder, Vibes
  • Steve Sivitter, CEO, 1WorldSync
  • Ryan Popple, Fmr CEO, Proterra

Where to tune in

Often Imitated launches September 2, 2020. New episodes will be available weekly at or Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and most podcast apps.

Social media


The official hashtag for the podcast is #OftenImitated.

Learn more about the podcast and subscribe to get new episodes emailed directly to your inbox by clicking here.

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