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Driving Toward Smarter CX with Mack Trucks

Angela Wells
February 05, 2018

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When was the last time your job didn’t feel like “work”? A day that was so fun that your company wouldn’t have had to pay you to do it?

I just had two of those days at Mack Trucks, Inc.’s Mack Customer Center in Allentown, PA. Being from Atlanta, the seven-degree weather of the Northeast isn’t what I would typically call fun, but the Mack Trucks team actually made me forget that I was technically working.

Mack's new Anthem truck

Mack’s new Anthem truck

As a marketer, I’ve been actively following Mack Trucks’ launch of their new Anthem truck. It’s their first new highway truck launch in over 15 years, and it’s fascinating to see how much marketing has changed since their last launch.

My team and I were fortunate to speak with John Walsh, VP of Marketing at Mack Trucks and Neil Tolbert, Director of Marketing Communications at Mack Trucks, who shared insights into Mack’s commitment to their customers’ experience. I also had the opportunity to tour the facility and get the full Mack experience myself.

Mack trucks visit

Pat pinning a golden bulldog on our team member, David Hope-Ross

When I arrived at the Mack Customer Center, I received a warm welcome from Pat, who has been welcoming visitors for 40 years. I was then led through a tour of the onsite Mack Museum and learned about the history of the company in the Mack Heritage Center, which showcased how Mack Trucks has been helping people get where they need to be for 117 years.

I also saw the Product Showroom and checked out the newest products. It’s easy to see why they can make the claim “We build the trucks that build everything else” because they have such a wide range of trucks, including massive construction equipment.

we build the trucks that build everything else

At the Mack Product Showroom

Looking at the progression of Mack throughout the years was great, but the real highlight of my visit was driving the new Anthem truck. I typically inch through Atlanta traffic in a silver minivan carrying a “load” of goldfish crackers, juice boxes, and children, so driving an 80,000 pound 18-wheel truck up a 15% incline hill was so much fun! I must have giggled throughout the full three laps around the test track and a U-turn.

Driving the new Anthem truck on the test track

Driving the new Anthem truck on the test track

If I learned anything from these days playing – I mean, working! – with the Mack team, it’s that driving a huge truck can be so much fun – and a great customer experience.

Check out footage from the interview with John Walsh from the Mack Customer Center below. More to come soon!

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Angela Wells
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