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How to Drive Business Growth with Human to Human (H2H) CX

Bryan Kramer
March 26, 2018

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It’s easy to lose sight of ‘human experience’ (HX) and ‘customer experience’ (CX) when you’re dedicating so much of your business’s time and resources to product development. Good CX creates easy and enjoyable interactions with your company throughout the entire customer journey—from the moment they land on your website to post sale.

But, great CX adds a human component to it all, by thinking beyond the commercial aspects of your business and creating meaningful experiences for your customers. Businesses that execute HX listen to customers and respond in emotionally intelligent ways, thereby addressing the human needs or human qualities side of things. This resonates strongly with your audience and helps turn prospects into customers, customers into loyal brand advocates, and drives business growth.

1. How do you start thinking about HX?

Build an interface and customer experience that facilitates human values. That’s where you should start with HX design. It’s about thinking beyond profit-building to determine what your business’s purpose is, and looking at purposes that align with human values. The purpose that you determine is driving your business must be the bedrock of everything you do as a business, especially as:

  • A tool to recruit the right talent and find the perfect people with the values that align with your company values. Over time, customers who share the same values will be attracted to your business if you clearly communicate your ethos.
  • A way to sieve your business decisions. Each part of your business structure should be looked at through your purpose lens. Look at the company, Lush. They’re an ethical, “100% vegetarian” cosmetics retailer. This ethos runs through every element of their business—they don’t work with anyone that carries out, funds, or commissions any animal testing to supporting campaigning groups.

2. How can you design your business around HX?

Learn as much about your audience as possible through data analytics. Explore buying patterns and try to identify opportunities in your customer journeys for emotional and human interactions. Try to anticipate and predict customer needs and behaviors so you can design your interface and campaigns around your customers and deliver the most human value.

Remember that part of being human is flexibility and the ability to adapt, so your business should be designed in the same way. Situations and trends change, so ensure that you’re an agile business that can deal with change and respond to the shifting needs of your human customer base. Always keep your customers at the center of every decision that you make as a business. Keep your design customer-focused and invest in the relationships you’re building with customers and be consistent with the interactions that make your business HX effective.

3. How can you make sure your HX is working?

Use focus groups, surveys, and research to learn what customers think of your values and to test if your purpose is getting through. Ask customers to engage with your interface and design to identify parts of their customer journey that uncover empathy and emotion.

Good human experience is about being a company that customers feel confident and happy about using. Customers like to buy a product or invest in a service that makes them feel good and validates their own values and purpose. Jumping back to Lush, their customers feel like they’re making a statement about their own values by buying ethically conscious products—and it makes them feel good. That’s what HX is about—feelings, emotion, and connection.


Bryan Kramer
Bryan Kramer
Bryan Kramer is the best-selling author of "There is No B2B OR B2C: It’s Human to Human #H2H". He is also a renowned TED Talk and keynote speaker. by Oracle is the destination for professionals who are building the next generation of customer experience. Here, you can find breaking news, in-depth analyses, expert insights, and useful tools that will empower you to think and work progressively.