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CX Leadership Trends 2020: From Little Things Big Things Grow

Alex Allwood
December 17, 2019

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In 2020, customer experience leaders find themselves at a performance crossroad. While endeavoring to deliver the promise of enhanced value, differentiation, and CX as a driver of sustainable growth they are besieged by CX management challenges that continue to stifle excellence. There are, however, five little things that will make a big difference in CX performance.

For organizations around the world, the returns from investing in customer experience excellence are not being fully realized. Forrester’s Customer Experience Index showed again this year, that CX excellence remains elusive, “According to the survey, 81% of brand scores stagnated; most industry front-runners were repeats; many gains too minor to render them statistically significant.”

CX leaders are still plagued by the challenges of transitioning to a customer-centric culture; unable to solve the common customer experience management problems of low organizational commitment, poor alignment of cross-functional teams and competing agendas and priorities.

Organizational structure continues to present a CX management challenge. Designed to deliver greater productivity and efficiency, functional silos increase internal competition and decrease collaboration and communication—often at the expense of customer experience.

A contributing problem is diminishing first-hand connection with customers. Increasingly, executives and employees alike, are bound to their day-to-day work through technology, data, scores, and business outcomes. How organizations see, hear, and feel their customers’ experiences is creating an empathy gap—a customer empathy deficit.

Problematic, too, is the shift over the past decade from small data, (relating to customers and causation), to big data. A recent study commissioned by FocusVision and Harvard Business Review Analytics Services argues that only “23% of respondents say they understand very well why their customers act the way they do.”

Fundamental to CX success is customer centricity, putting customers’ needs at the center of your business’s thinking, problem solving, and decision making. Often overlooked and undervalued are the little things in customer experience management practice that deliver deep customer understanding, more meaningful connection and align and unite teams. Here’s five little things that will make a big difference in CX performance.

CX Leadership Trends 2020: 5 Little Things That Will Make a Big Difference

Tip #1: Define organizational purpose

Customers’ expectations are continually evolving. Increasingly, customers want to purchase brands that not only provide rewarding experiences, but also reflect the type of world they want to live in. Companies that are recognized for CX excellence are examples of businesses that live their customer cause.

In 2020, make a big difference through focusing energies on standing for something bigger than the business or brand; utilizing the organization’s resources for good, as well as for making profits, and leading with purpose; energizing employees and engaging customers differently—in ways that pursuing profits alone never will.

Tip #2: Show customer empathy in decision making

If you want to humanize organizational decision making to provide experiences that solve customers’ problems, meet their expectations and make them feel good, then customer empathy—customer perspective-taking—needs to be embedded into the everyday decision-making process.

In 2020, make a big difference through utilizing customer experience frameworks and tools that switch on and scale customer empathy ability. Assist decision makers around the table to draw on the customer’s perspective—making it possible to put themselves in the shoes of the people who will be affected by the outcomes of their decisions.

Tip #3: Storytelling develops meaningful connection

The most effective way to understand the customer’s experience; to feel what it’s like to be a customer, is to augment satisfaction scores with customer stories; “walking in the customer’s shoes” to experience their world from their perspective. The challenge for large organizations is scaling this across hundreds or thousands of employees.

In 2020, CX leaders can make a big difference using customer storytelling to develop deep understanding and meaningful connection. CX storytelling frameworks and tools can include: customer empathy nudges, customer journey maps, service safaris and practices that humanize score data through the attribution of human qualities. For example, incorporating satisfaction scores within the customer emotion graph on a journey map.

Tip #4: Double down on collaboration

Being customer-centric is the practice of putting customer needs at the center of the business’s thinking, problem solving, and decision making. The foundation of customer centricity is customer empathy, and it is teams working together and collaborating cross-functionally that deliver on the business’s CX aspirations.

In 2020, make a big difference by doubling down on good CX management practice for organization-wide participation. Best practice customer experience governance utilizes a cross-functional steering group with an executive sponsor. This ensures your CX program remains highly visible to the business and a customer-centric approach is applied to the business’s strategy, problem solving, and decision making.

Tip #5: Humanize customer solutions

When we look at the customer’s experience from a different perspective, we can learn something new that we did not, or could not, otherwise have known. Customer context and perspective helps organizations break free of the counterproductive mindset of delivering more conventional and often minor improvements in product and service aesthetics or features.

In 2020, CX leaders that shift their organization’s thinking to reframe customer needs as part of the solution will make a big difference in creating value for customers and the business alike. Customer empathy delivers this possibility, through perspective-taking, of discovering a new way of looking at the customer’s world.

For organizations around the world, the returns from investing in customer experience excellence are not being fully realized. In 2020, CX leaders wanting to make a big difference need look no further than the little things—understanding customers and scaling customer empathy, being purpose-led, uniting and aligning with a customer cause, and enhancing value through customer perspective-taking.

Alex Allwood
Alex Allwood
Alex Allwood’s focus is connecting customer and culture to empower customer-centric growth. Working with B2B2C, Alex helps improve experiences that enhance customer value and distinctively differentiate for competitive advantage. With a 20-year track record in leadership, operations, and marketing, Alex’s strength is developing customer experience strategy: customer understanding and empathy, experience vision, and guiding principles and the customer narrative to enable collaboration and alignment. Alex is principal of the customer experience consultancy, All Work Together; has authored the book “Customer Experience is the Brand”, and is a speaker on customer-centric transformation. by Oracle is the destination for professionals who are building the next generation of customer experience. Here, you can find breaking news, in-depth analyses, expert insights, and useful tools that will empower you to think and work progressively.