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CX for the Buyer’s Journey: How Companies Can Better Utilize Data

Ritika Puri
July 03, 2018

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Every click across your organization’s unique buyer’s journey can help you surface more in-depth, functional stories about your customers. With this information, CX teams can preempt problems before they happen, develop personalization programs, and make product recommendations with precision. Buyer’s journeys become more efficient, as a result.

Customer success intelligence, using data and automation, will play a crucial role in freeing up teams’ time and mental bandwidth to learn. Making your company’s buyer’s journeys more efficient not only creates better experiences for customers, but can help free up resources at your company. Here are 3 tips for starting that process.

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Tip 1: Map out customer experiences, in detail

Your customer experiences are the pulse of your buyer’s journey — a detailed, human-level foundation of understanding helps to build solid data science programs. In an interview for this article, Brian Carter, a speaker, best-selling author, and founder of CX consulting firm Brian Carter Group, establishes the following exercise as an essential first step.

“Companies need to make sure they have mapped out their customer experience, have attached KPIs to each stage, and can tell at any time which part of the customer experience is struggling the most.”

By identifying these pain points, customer experience teams can take steps to solve them.

“You can focus in on your biggest bottlenecks, diagnose the problem, and not only improve the customer experience, but increase profitability and company performance,” says Carter.

Use data to tackle specific challenges, and build up to higher profitability. A customer experience mapping exercise can help you identify areas to focus, right off the bat.

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Tip 2: Free up time through automation

Automation of simple, repetitive tasks is key to freeing up human capital. One data-driven idea from Zach Hendrix, co-founder at GreenPal, a lawn care-focused app, is to reach out to customers using chat software at every stage of the funnel. In an interview for this article, he explains that this process allows teams to hone in on problems, quickly.

“Not only will this increase your sales [by] helping people when they are stuck or confused, more importantly, it will tell you about what your consumers objections are so you can then adjust your interfaces and copy to apply to customer logic.”

Hendrix has found this data to be helpful in understanding what to automate and where to devote team members’ intellectual resources.

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Tip 3: Make creativity a priority

What’s the best way to turn data into actionable insights on a consistent basis? There may not be enough people on your team or at your company in general to give this question a thoughtful answer. Key findings of a recent Accenture study, “Creating the future workforce”, state that “Business leaders need to ensure that their people are relevant and adaptable … and reshape their organizations to allow their workers to flourish in a future augmented by new technologies.”

Payal Vasudeva, a managing director in Accenture Strategy’s UK talent and organization practice explains in The Telegraph, “The future will be for those who can apply skills such as creativity, empathy and critical thinking to solve unstructured problems, and interpret and synthesise new information, as well as hone social and communication skills.”

”Workforce chameleons ‒ individuals who have a variety of skills and can step into multiple roles ‒ will be valued most in tomorrow’s workforce,” she elaborates.


Ritika Puri
Ritika Puri
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