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What is Customer Journey Mapping?

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September 27, 2017

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Katrina Gosek, Daryn Mason, and Brian Curran of Oracle detail the new customer journey and the customer experience strategy called Customer Journey Mapping – a process of walking in the customers’ shoes to develop a thorough understanding of the buying process.

At Oracle’s Modern Customer Experience 2017 conference, we interviewed Katrina Gosek, Daryn Mason, and Brian Curran who spoke on the new customer journey and introduced the process of creating a physical representation of the journey on a vast, colorful whiteboard. Here’s what they had to say about the basics of Customer Journey Mapping.

What is the new customer journey?

The new customer journey is nothing surprising. It’s customers wanting to be able to find products, wanting to get them quickly, wanting to know a lot about them through videos, through content, through user reviews, and wanting the experience with the brand to be seamless and easy.

What is Customer Journey Mapping and why is it important?

Customer Journey Mapping is absolutely vital for organizations because if you think about the journey that the industry’s been on over the last few years, it’s gone from very internally product-focused to now we’ve managed to turn the whole focus around so that the customer is at the center of everything that we do.

We’ve got to really understand the personas of the customers that we serve. But once you’ve understood the personas, that’s not enough. We then have to walk in their shoes. Customer experience journey mapping is a really fun and interactive way that we can map a customer journey on a huge whiteboard to deliver that exceptional customer experience.

We can find out what the customer does, and what their emotional highs and lows are during a customer journey. They might have a service issue that causes them real pain. They might have an unboxing experience with an electronics product, where there’s this delight and surprise when they do the unboxing. You’re plotting every moment of their journey and understanding the key moments where an organization has really got to step up to the plate and bring all of their resources together at the right moment for a customer to be served or treated exactly as they want.

What does Customer Journey Mapping look like?

The wall is a representation of the process. There’s a lot of color in the beginning and then it seems to get less color, because you’re going from low resolution to high resolution.

As you’re starting to frame and ideate in the process, you’re doing a lot of work where you’re putting Post-it notes on it, thinking through things, and making changes. You want that to be low resolution. But as you’re working through the process to go share and test, now we’re at high resolution – starting to prototype and get real clarity around what the project will do.


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