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Customer Experience: What It Means to Moms of CX Professionals

Jodi Warner
May 06, 2021

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In celebration of the upcoming Mother’s Day holiday in the US, we asked customer experience (CX) professionals to poll their moms on two questions:

  1. What does CX stand for?
  2. What does customer experience mean to you?

While these magnificent moms may not all have the correct answer for what CX stands for, they were all pretty spot on when defining customer experience. From making the customer feel heard to having a positive, unforgettable experience, these moms understand what it means to have an excellent experience.

According to a PwC report, a single bad experience is enough to discourage 32% of customers from doing business with a favorite brand. Perhaps the next time you’re looking for insight from consumers on how to guarantee your brand is offering a great experience, you can refer to the below responses from these eight moms.

“CX…cookie exchange?

Customer experience is making the customer feel someone is interested in the problem and is making an effort to respond. Oh wait, you have to change my answer to number one to customer experience.”

  • Mother of Christine Davis, principal customer engagement manager, CX customer advocacy, Oracle

“CX…why are you asking me that? I don’t know. Is it some type of cardio exercise?

Customer experience is getting the help that you need. It’s having a positive experience with someone live versus just a recording.”

  • Sheree Kanter, mother of Jodi Warner, senior content manager, Oracle

“CX…It doesn’t ring any bells, but I would guess that it means cross like how TX means transmit.

Customer experience is all about customer satisfaction around some kind of transaction and the interaction I had with a company.”

  • Mother of Lauren Locke-Paddon, VP of customer success, Vocal Video

“Does CX mean crossover? Like you guys crossover and do different business lines? Johnny, that’s all I can think of.

Customer experience means my full experience in purchasing something from a company. Was my experience bad, good, or just alright? It relates to how easy it was for me to find what I was looking for, get my questions answered, and make a purchase. And generally, I’m always looking for a good customer experience. I want a purchase experience that’s pleasant and

“Is CX some kind of software? It’s difficult to keep up with all the terminology these days but I would imagine that CX is some kind of new online platform to help businesses.”

For me, customer experience means my shopping experience—including friendliness and helpfulness of staff. During the pandemic, I’ve had to start shopping online, and, in this respect, customer experience means how easy it is to use a website and whether or not there’s support available if I get stuck.”

  • Mother of Milosz Krasinski, managing director, Chilli Fruit

“CX is shorthand for customer experience.

Customer experience is how you feel after paying for/trying something new/different.”

  • Kate O’Shea, mother of Cat Rossi, content marketing manager, Oracle

“CX means customer experience.

I believe customer experience focuses on providing customers an unforgettable experience when buying a product or service. Businesses know that they’re absolutely nothing without customers and CX is all about reaffirming that. Companies engaging with customers on an emotional level that goes beyond a simple commercial transaction—that’s what CX means to me.”

  • Mother of Mikkel Andreassen, customer experience manager, Dixa

“I’ve learned that CX stands for customer experience.

For me, customer experience means it’s simple and pleasant to buy a product online. It also means I enjoy the buying experience, and I enjoy being a customer of the company. It’s all about making my life easier!”

  • Mother of Helena Gutierrez, process consultant, Share PLM

We want to wish all moms a very happy Mother’s Day, and we hope however you choose to celebrate you have a great experience!

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