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Customer Experience Tips to Conquer 2018

Brittany Schmigel
January 25, 2018

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Customers are the most important part of small- or medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Today, it’s no longer enough to simply provide them with a great product or service. “Satisfied” won’t cut it; they want to be delighted. They expect an unrivaled customer experience (CX), tailored to their exact wants/needs, throughout the entire buyer journey.

So, how can SMBs create a CX that gives customers exactly what they want? We asked a few thought leaders and influencers to share their insights. Continue reading to see what they had to say.


Tamara McCleary (@TamaraMcCleary) is a renowned marketing technology expert, named the #1 Most Influential Woman in Martech by B2B Marketing. She is the CEO of Thulium, a digital marketing consulting agency that has worked with clients like Verizon, IBM, Kawasaki Motors USA, and the United States Department of Defense.

Customer experience tips for SMBs

Q: Fill in the blank. In 2018, SMBs must improve their ______ to ensure they are on the right road to success.
A: SMBs need to have a clear defined strategy on creating thought leadership for their brand, e.g. how will their brand have a more human look and feel? What are the pressing pain points of my target customers and how does my brand uniquely solve their problems?

Q: In what ways can social media be used to improve customer experience?
A: It’s critical to converse and interact with your clients via social media. Every positive touch with a client improves CX. Share your client’s content from time to time. Let them know you appreciate them.

Q: Any other thoughts for business owners?
A: This is the perfect time of year to carve out some time to gain clarity of vision and focus for what you wish to create for 2018. What do you want? What are you going to DO to get it? Then DO it!


Rieva Lesonsky (@Rieva) is an SMB and entrepreneurship thought leader, with more than 30 years of experience in helping owners grow their businesses. She is a founder and contributing writer for, as well as a founder and CEO of GrowBizMedia, an SMB-focused consulting company.

Use technology to improve customer experience.

Q: Fill in the blank. In 2018, SMBs must improve their ______ to ensure they are on the right road to success.
A: Competitive edge. What makes you unique in a world of ever-growing competition?

Q: In 2018, how can SMBs address the changing needs of customers?
A: SO MUCH technology. Use tech that connects you to your customers. That helps you know more about them.


Named one of the 50 Influential Women in Content Marketing, Carla Johnson (@CarlaJohnson) has helped countless clients, including a number of Fortune 500 brands, leverage the art of storytelling to inspire action. Her latest book, Experiences: The 7th Era of Marketing, explores how content-driven customer experiences create value for businesses.

Determine customer needs by asking them.

Q: Fill in the blank. In 2018, SMBs must improve their ______ to ensure they are on the right road to success.
A: SMBs must improve customer focus to ensure they are on the right road to success. It’s doing things vs. doing the right things.

Q: Why is customer experience such a hot topic in the SMB space?
A: Every generation of buyers now says that the experience matters more than the product itself.

Q: How can companies determine and prioritize the unmet needs of customers?
A: They can determine their biggest need by asking customers. Never underestimate the power of human-to-human conversations.

Brittany Schmigel
Brittany Schmigel
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