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Could Field Service Software Shake Up Your CX?

Liz Alton
June 26, 2019

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Field service software and other technology developments are helping companies deliver a winning CX. According to a study conducted by WB Research for the Future Trends in Field Services report (download required), 81% of industry executives believe smart connected devices will reshape the industry in the next 5 to 10 years. By building a strong field service technology platform, companies are addressing customer experience gaps and turning strong delivery into a competitive differentiator.

Cost-effective communications management in the cloud

Service providers are increasingly looking for field service solutions that let them more efficiently manage techs in the field. A study by PriceWaterhouseCoopers revealed that 32% of customers abandon brands after one bad experience. Cloud-based field service software solutions are increasingly looking to streamline technician and customer communication. With limited upfront costs and the ability to roll solutions out quickly, cloud-based field service software solutions are helping companies offer an agile CX.

AI drives intelligent dispatch

The integration of artificial intelligence and the cloud is changing the way routine workloads are managed. One area that’s getting an upgrade is field technician dispatch. Scheduling technicians to maximize their productivity and optimize the efficiency of their calls is often a full-time job for managers. Emerging AI tools embedded in field service software look for these opportunities.

AI and cloud field service solutions have the potential to optimize other areas as well, such as automatically notifying a customer of time changes due to traffic delays or anticipating what inventory a technician should have with them based on likely issues.

Combating knowledge loss with augmented reality

As the aging workforce retires, field services companies are heavily impacted, according to research from Field Service News. Over half of companies surveyed said replacing their aging workforce was a challenge. One issue is how long it takes to train new employees, with 55% of companies reporting a 3 – 6 month onboarding cycle and 34% taking as long as two years.

When experienced employees retire, important institutional knowledge is lost. Augmented reality can help in two ways. First, it can be used to help speed up training and second, it can be used in the field for more effective repairs.

Analytics provide real-time data to drive improvements

Field service software provides analytics that can help quickly determine where friction is occurring in your CX. For example, if customers are becoming upset, it’s easy to see that they had to wait for a service technician to arrive or that the tech didn’t have the right parts to complete a repair. Tapping into these analytics to understand what’s not working makes it easy to create a CX roadmap that improves field service delivery.

Designing CX and field service solutions based on employee insight

Brands are investing in successful CX and field service solutions by giving technicians a seat at the table. By understanding employees’ pain points and insights into potential solutions, companies can empower their teams to meet demanding customer expectations. As McKinsey notes, “There is nothing revolutionary about focusing on customer experience; it has been key to innovation for some time. It is no secret that successful disruptors, at their core, have a maniacal focus on the customer. The new factor is how it is done: by turning the lens inward toward employees and focusing the internal customer experience on value creation.”

As CX comes to the forefront, companies are turning to field service software and other emerging technologies. By laying the foundation to embrace these technologies now, organizations are positioning for CX success.

Liz Alton
Liz Alton
Liz Alton is a writer and content strategist specializing in B2B technology, digital marketing, and the customer experience. Her clients include creative agencies, Fortune 500 brands, and venture-backed startups.
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