“Blech-ommendation” by Brian Pope

See what’s next for predictive AI and CX

Introducing Greggo

“Introducing Greggo” by Brian Pope

For real tech innovations, read CES 2020: 5 CX Trends to Watch

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For a decade that demands a sense of humor.

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CX Tips for 2040

“CX Tips for 2040” by Brian Pope

And for the past 20, see 20 CX Changes From Y2K to 2020

Cluck to Hire

“Cluck to Hire” by Brian Pope

Read how tech helps the modern side hustle.

“Minus Smartphones” by Brian Pope

Read about 3 real Anti Technology Trends.

Glenhanced Shopping

“Glenhanced Shopping” by Brian Pope

See how technology is changing retail marketing.

Tagline Synchronicity

“Tagline Synchronicity” by Brian Pope

See how B2B vs B2C sales and marketing are different.

Multichannel Classroom

“Multichannel Classroom” by Brian Pope

Find helpful tools for Back to School

Augmented Congeniality

“Augmented Geniality” by Brian Pope

See a real AR shopping experience here.

Not Quite Slide-Worthy

“Not Quite Slide-Worthy” by Brian Pope

Find change-the-slide ideas from brilliant CX minds here.

Mobile CX Testing

“Mobile CX Testing” by Brian Pope

Check out our Smarter Demos video series.

Yesterday Shipping

“Yesterday Shipping” by Brian Pope

Find some more realistic shipping trends.

Journey Not Taken

“Journey Not Taken” by Brian Pope

Customer unmoved? Entice with the right tools.

Meetings vs Robots

“Meetings vs Robots” by Brian Pope

But how do customers feel about AI?

Event Expectations

“Event Expectations” by Brian Pope

Learn why expectations are high at Modern CX

“Can You Halloween It?”” by Brian Pope

Improve your Halloween game this year.

Spreadsheet Rollout

“Spreadsheet Rollout” by Brian Pope

Read how data is used to understand mindsets.

Legacy ERP

“Legacy ERP” by Brian Pope

See how a move to cloud gets customers on board.

iPhone Excess

“iPhone Excess” by Brian Pope

There’s still a lot to learn about the impact of the mobile customer.

Automation vs Dogs

“Automation vs Dogs” by Brian Pope

See a smart use of automation.

Summer Reading Assistant

“Summer Reading Assistant” by Brian Pope

Here are CX Lessons for the Summer kid in you.

Transformation Talk

“Transformation Talk” by Brian Pope

Schedule your own transformation talk at

AI Fireworks

“AI Fireworks” by Brian Pope

Read how AI might behave.

“Hell Can Wait” by Brian Pope

Reclaim your time with the CX Automations featured here.

Cartoon Blockchain Beginner

“Blockchain Beginner” by Brian Pope

Learn about blockchain from the real experts in this article.

Emotional Intelligence - SmarterCX Cartoon

“Emotional Intelligence” by Brian Pope

See a real-life convo with Pepper the Robot.

Agile Advertising - SmarterCX cartoon

“Agile Advertising” by Brian Pope


Top 6 Modern CX Fan Costumes cartoon

“Top 6 Modern CX Fan Costumes” by Brian Pope
More from the event at

History of Presentations - SmarterCX cartoon

“History of Presentations” by Brian Pope
See some not-boring presentations.

Pot of Sold - SmarterCX Cartoon

“Pot of Sold” by Brian Pope
How to sell sans gimmicks.

Queue Management - SmarterCX Cartoon

“Queue Management” by Brian Pope
Personalization creeping you out?

A.I. Love You - SmarterCX Cartoon

“A.I. Love You” by Brian Pope
See more beloved chatbots.

Mystical Disruption CX cartoon by Brian Pope

“Mystical Disruption” by Brian Pope
What even is artificial intelligence?

SmarterCX cartoon Data Denial

“Data Denial” by Brian Pope
Sales funnels might be fake news.

SmarterCX Cartoon - The Stages of CX

“The Stages of CX” by Brian Pope
Master that loyalty part.

Wish Delivery - SmarterCX cartoon series

“Wish Delivery” by Brian Pope

Carl Wednesday Personalization SmarterCX Cartoon

“Carl Wednesday” by Brian Pope
A smarter holiday season.

Star Wars Cartoon - SmarterCX

“Galactic Thought Leadership” by Brian Pope
What Star Wars teaches us about CX.

Free WiFi cartoon - SmarterCX

“Free WiFi” by Brian Pope

Santa Claus is Coming to Digital Town - SmarterCX Cartoon

“Santa Claus is Coming to Digital Town” by Brian Pope

Black Friday cartoon by SmarterCX

“Black Friday Goes Digital” by Brian Pope

IT Support SmarterCX Cartoon Series

“IT Support” by Brian Pope

Autonomous Zombies SmarterCX Cartoon Series

“Autonomous Zombies” by Brian Pope

“Appy Halloween” by Brian Pope

Grab and Go Checkout cartoon

“Grab and Go Checkout” by Brian Pope

“Buyer’s Journey” by Brian Pope

“Peer Reviews” by Brian Pope

“VR Customers” by Brian Pope

“Return Policy” by Brian Pope