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Burning Questions: What is the Most Important Step to Providing Great CX? [VIDEO]

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September 30, 2019

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Burning Questions: What is the Most Important Step to Providing Great CX? [VIDEO]

As part of our Burning Questions series, SmarterCX sat down with some of the top CX minds at Oracle’s ModernCX 2019 to discover what they consider to be the most important step in crafting a memorable relationship between their customers and their brand.

Hear what the CX leaders have to say in our video interviews and read their quotes below.

Create special moments that are memorable

I think the most important step is really looking at: “How does an organization create memorable moments?” Chip and Dan Heath wrote a book around the power of moments, and they talk about how you really need to create special moments that are memorable for customers. It’s not just a higher level of expertise, but really a point in time where [the customer says], “Wow, that company is very different.”

Daniel Jay, Director Channel Marketing at Ellie Mae, Inc.

How do you make your customer’s job easier for them?

I will always enjoy marketing because it’s just a wide gamut from looking at a customer experience and trying to understand and put ourselves in [the customer’s] shoes, and from there, how do we as a company respond to make their job easier for them?

Robert Kleinschmidt, Senior Vice President Marketing, AirBorn Inc

Have empathy for your customers

It’s important to have an emotional attachment to what our customer is experiencing. We want to make sure that we’re having empathy for our customers, we’re treating them right, and we’re giving them a good experience — which ultimately results in sales. Putting the customer before the sale is what brings them back and keeps our reputation strong.

David Noel, eCommerce System Administrator and Developer, The Vermont Country Store

Track and understand your customer

You have to track your customer, you have to understand your customer, and you need a good database. You need customer data, for example, where all the information you have about your customer comes together.

Heiko Mock, Head of Digital Business and Customer Experience at VOQUZ IT Solutions

Understand what your customers biggest pain points are

I think really understanding who your customers are, [their] demographics, what their channels of choice are, and what their biggest pain points are, goes a long way in helping to provide customer experience. Stand in their shoes. You’re a customer as well in your daily life. So just use that.

Rhianna Albert, Director of CX, eVerge Group

Prioritize the customer

When deciding on creating a process, we have to always start with the basics, which is; prioritizing the customers. What is beneficial? What’s going to make them happy? It’s not all about giving in, but making sure that you meet in the middle.

Joyce Surujbhan, Knowledge and Quality Manager, TCL North America

Make sure the customer experience is unified across all channels

[Make] sure the customer experience is unified across all channels that are customer-facing. For me as a customer, it can be very painful when I go through an automated phone system, and I have to enter my account number, and then somebody picks up, and I have to say it again. Then, I have to go one the website and enter it again because all these systems are not connected. That makes the experience very painful.

I think having a great customer experience means that everyone in your system or every person that interfaces with your customers has access to the customer data, so that I as a customer don’t have to go through all these loopholes to get the information I need or provide the information I need. Having all of these technologies talk to each other and share information will really help with that.

Arpine Babloyan, Director of Acquisition Marketing at Verndale

Every team member needs to buy in

Every team and every team member needs to buy in to why we’re providing great customer experience. They need to know where they sit in the customer journey, what they need to do to make sure the customer journey is seamless, so the customer doesn’t feel any disconnect, and the handoff from one section to the other is the same. The customer just feels like, “I went from one end to the other and, oh, was that a different person?” No, the service is the same everywhere.

Each team across the journey needs to have bought into that, so they’re always providing their best CX every time.

Dainah Kibera, Sales Operations Manager, Kenya Airways

The customer wins in the end

I think it all starts with the agents. You have to find an agent that truly loves what they do and wants to create that connection and show that passion with their customers. That’s step one.

The next step is, as an organization you have to provide your agents with the tools and the technology and allow and empower them to be able to do their job. Once you do that it really comes out in that customer experience, and the customer wins in the end.

Laurie Simpter, Senior Manager of Customer Relationship at Pier 1

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