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Burning Questions: What Do 2019 CX Leaders Need to Know? [Video]

SmarterCX Team
August 05, 2019

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As part of our Burning Questions series, SmarterCX sat down with some of the top CX minds at Oracle’s ModernCX 2019 to understand what kinds of skills and study will be crucial for those looking to make headway in their own customer experience organizations.

Hear what every 2019 CX leader needs to know in our video interviews and read their quotes below.

Understand how technologies can shape their customer experience

I think every CX leader needs to understand the new technologies, where technology is going, and how these technologies can shape their customer experience, because it’s changing so fast. The new ideas and technologies pop up every month if not more.

I think if you are in a CX leadership role, having an understanding of these technologies and how they can impact your customers and how you can get involved in making sure you’re on top of these technologies and you’re implementing them for your own marketing is super important.

Arpine Babloyan, Director of Acquisition Marketing, Verndale

Don’t be afraid to try things that you’ve never done in the past

There’s so many new technologies out there. Don’t be afraid to see what works best for your business and don’t be afraid to try things that you’ve never done in the past to see the impact on the customer experience. If you always keep that customer experience as your end goal and really improving that, try different things to enable you to get there.

Laurie Simpter, Senior Manager of Customer Relationship, Pier 1

“Stuff” is only one thing

I like to say I’m old enough to remember the big rotary dial phone and now we ask for stuff from Alexa. I really feel like the questions that are being asked of Alexa in that AI technology opportunity, stuff is only one thing. The things that you ask and it fails out, how are those questions being answered?

It may not be the most important thing for all businesses, but the ones that are using those devices and have that type of chain and churn need to be focused on them.

Shana Hughes, Solutions Consultant, Infolexa

The center is the customer

We’re missing 8 of the 10 data points we’ll have in the next 10 years. Data is huge and how we can use that and model that, for the customer experience. And then the other side is, the center is the customer. Everything we do has to be about the customer. All this data can only help enhance this experience. And it’s kind of that two prong thing that we have to use going forward.

Mary Wallace, Director of Marketing Technology, Informa

Find the right product to satisfy your customer

Everything comes together in commerce and there’s your customer base. And then you have to find the right product to satisfy your customer and to provide a good customer experience. And that’s the first step. And this is what many people don’t do right now. They still think in funnels.

Marketing says, “Okay, this is our campaign and implement it on your shop.” It should be the other way around. You have something and go to marketing and say, “Okay, please create your campaign space on this information we have.”

Heiko Mock, Head of Digital Business and Customer Experience, VOQUZ IT Solutions

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