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Burning Questions: How Can a Leader Develop a Customer Perspective? [VIDEO]

SmarterCX Team
September 16, 2019

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As part of our Burning Questions series, SmarterCX sat down with some of the top CX minds at Oracle’s ModernCX 2019 to see how a leader can fully empathize with their customer to create welcome experiences.

Hear what the CX leaders have to say in our video interviews and read their quotes below.

If you don’t experience it, you don’t know

In order for leaders to be really self-aware from a customer perspective, they have to actually visit the things that our customers do and experience that journey themselves. It’s one thing for us to create journey maps and present them to an executive, but if you don’t experience it, you don’t know.

Jessica Campbell, Program Manager, Brother International Corporation

Enter the experience as a customer

I work for an airline, so every time I fly, I enter the flight not as someone who works for the airline but I try to enter like a customer. And I am always critiquing, “Why is the chair so low? Why is it so hard? Why is the pitch so short, and why is my elbow digging into the next person?”

I also eavesdrop on other customers on the flight to hear if they are feeling like I do. I sort of self-critique them. When I go back to the office I always give feedback. If I have not experienced it as a customer, when the customer complains, I won’t have an idea how to improve the customer experience.

Dainah Kibera, Sales Operations Manager, Kenya Airways

Reflect on your favorite brand

Think about your favorite brand and what do you love about them? When they email you or send you things, how do you feel about them?

If you don’t like getting something from your favorite brand, then you probably wouldn’t like getting it at all from a brand you don’t like as much.

Emilie Neumeier, Product Marketing Manager at Morningstar, Inc

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