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Burning Questions: Are We Over-Engineering CX in 2019? [VIDEO]

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August 12, 2019

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As part of our Burning Questions series, SmarterCX sat down with some of the top CX minds at Oracle’s ModernCX 2019 to discuss if things are getting too creepy for the customer.

Hear what the CX leaders have to say about whether we are over-engineering CX in our video interviews and read their quotes below.

When are we crossing the line?

I think that we’re over-engineering our CX especially to a way that people think it’s creepy. People don’t necessarily want us to email them every single time they engage with us. That is something – figuring out that timing and what interactions actually register interest in those further conversations is something that as much data as we gather, it can’t always tell you when are we crossing the line into how much people are okay with them knowing about us.

Emilie Neumeier, Marketing Manager, Morningstar

Human interaction is still needed

Customer service is still about that person-to-person interaction. And there’s just so many issues that come up today that cannot be resolved by bots or AI. It truly takes that human touch, that human compassion and empathy to solve that issue and really validate some of those things that the customer is experiencing.

Retail is getting more and more complex. Business models are getting more and more complex. And AI can solve some of the easy problems. But the more complex ones need that human interaction. And you want that human interaction to once again create that brand awareness and that loyalty in the brand ambassador.

Laurie Simpter, Senior Manager of Customer Relationship, Pier 1

Using technology in a smart way

More and more I see this need for making the interaction more human. There are chat bots that look like humans, and they try to have a personality of their own. Direct mail that had a little bit of a pause is now getting more and more attention. Hand-written cards are something that we see sales and marketers do more and more.

I think that now we are actually using this technology in a very smart way to make sure the interactions remain human. But it is the technology that helps make it so.

Arpine Babloyan, Director of Acquisition Marketing, Verndale

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