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Brilliant People with Brilliant Ideas from Modern Customer Experience

Samantha Hausler
April 16, 2018

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Brilliant Idea #1: Software to recreate customer advocacy

Would you believe me if I told you the person that broke the world record for longest taxi ride was also a customer experience software genius? This black cab-driving, tech-wonder is Paul Archer, founder of Duel and Modern Customer Experience’s opener during the day three keynote. After a roughly 43,000 mile taxi adventure (with a £79,006 trip fare!), Paul decided it was time to shift gears to a tech startup adventure. While developing the idea, Paul noticed a common trend, and a big problem, when talking to brands: they couldn’t build their relationships with their customers.

This presented an opportunity to recreate how businesses think about customer advocacy, and how they can use it as a way to power their business. Duel was born. With the software, companies can activate their customer base and turn them into brand advocates that function as a decentralized marketing or sales team. Duel helps businesses focus on their best customers and give something back to them, in turn powering their overall customer experience and creating long-term brand loyalty.

“Staying focused on where you want to be makes it easier to say no to opportunities that don’t help you reach your goal.”
-Paul Archer, founder of Duel


Brilliant Idea #2: “Fan Assurance” program

Carolyne Crawford, VP of Fan Experience at Fanatics, absolutely blew the Modern Customer Experience crowd away with her answer to this question: “Customer needs and preferences are going to change, so how do you keep connecting with them?” Carolyne explains how Fanatics created their “Fan Assurance program” where if a customer buys an athlete’s jersey who then happens to get traded to a new team, the customer has two options: switch out the jersey to the athlete’s new team to stay loyal to the athlete, or switch the athlete on the original team’s jersey to stay loyal to the team. It’s created a customer loyalty most brands strive for years to achieve, and is a shining example of developing a customer service strategy with the customer at the center, not the business.

Brilliant Idea #2b: In addition to the Fan Assurance program, Fanatics believes that delivering the ultimate fan experience starts with their employees—their employees are fans, their contact center agents are athletes, and their leadership team are coaches. Fanatics even updated job descriptions to make sure they’re getting candidates that are as excited as their customers to attend the next sports game. By focusing on employee success, they’re creating company success.

“Look at quality through the lens of the fan.”
-Carolyne Crawford, VP of fan experience, Fanatics


Brilliant Idea #3: Find answers in the unconventional

Julian Guthrie, journalist and New York Times best-selling author, saluted the underdogs in her keynote during Modern Customer Experience—ordinary people that somehow achieve the extraordinary. Julian told the crowd that she is interested in how we become heroes in our own lives and do the impossible, saying when we have an “aha moment, seize that moment.” Pushing ourselves to do something outside of our routine is often forgotten when we’re stuck in our day-to-day grind–it was a good reminder that we can do more than we think.

Julian also quoted Larry Ellison, “The only way to get ahead is to find errors in conventional wisdom,” then followed with, “if you flip that around, you find answers in the unconventional.” This type of motivational speech enforced that if we trust ourselves and risk everything we can accomplish things never thought possible, but we need a great team around us–a mentality most of us could use.

“Experimenting is a key part of how you make your future.”
-Julian Guthrie, journalist and best-selling author

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