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Advice for Women in Tech, An Interview with Liz Walton

SmarterCX Team
October 10, 2018

2 minute read is proud to highlight women in technology who are driving innovation, creating the next generation of customer experience, and inspiring future leaders. We met with Liz Walton, Vice President of Marketing, Yext who shared with us her path to a successful career in technology and her advice for women interested in a career in the technology space.

Watch our interview with Liz and read the transcript below.

Can you tell us a little bit about your role at Yext?

I have been at Yext for about six years. When I joined the company, we were 75 people, and now we’re 1100- huge! When I joined, I was focused on enterprise marketing and the full scope of what that meant. For the past five or so years, I’ve basically held every role in marketing. And today I lead demand generation and marketing operations for the company globally.

Can you tell us a little bit about your path to this role and how you got involved in the world of technology?

Technology is sort of in my blood. My grandfather was a professional inventor. My dad’s an entrepreneur, had a tech company, and today has a manufacturing company, so more old school than tech. But I always knew I wanted to be involved in technology. I actually had a tech blog in college that no one read, but it existed. It doesn’t exist anymore. Don’t go looking for it. Out of school, took a big traditional marketing job, but knew I wanted to join tech and startups. And I chose Yext because I thought it had the biggest potential, and the role was the right fit. I have sort of been lucky to get on the rocket ship early, and I love the company so much that I’ve just been able to navigate the growth and continue to learn. I feel so lucky.

What advice do you have for women interested in pursuing a career in technology or a role like yours?

For women who are interested in technology, I think you go for it. I think you go and you take the classes you need to take. You read the books you need to read. You have to do some networking and cold calling, if you will, in the early days, but there’s no reason not to pursue a role you want. The company wants you. Ultimately, it’s about who has the right experience, so if you can get the experience, the education, and the internship where you don’t get paid — whatever it takes. Go do it. If you know what you want, nothing’s going to get in your way.

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