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9 Top Customer Experience Quotes of 2019

Liz Alton
December 12, 2019

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The business world’s relentless focus on customer experience (CX) continued around the globe in 2019, and CX experts and business leaders captured their experiences in thought-provoking customer experience quotes. As part of our year in review, here’s a closer look at some of the most inspiring and thought-provoking quotes on CX from 2019. Read on and see what can inspire you to develop innovative customer experiences in the emerging new year and new decade.

Your CX – along with your EX – needs a dedicated C-level champion

“Customer experience and employee experience are now two of the driving forces of business. Independently, each function leads to valuable relationships — with customers and employees — but when CX and EX are managed together, they create a unique, sustainable competitive advantage…A good customer experience makes a person five times more likely to recommend a company and more likely to purchase in the future. Forrester reports that 76% of executives say improving CX is a high or critical priority and many companies have established a C-level position to oversee it.”

– Denise Lee Yawn, contributor, Harvard Business Review

Consistency is still key

“Every team and every team member needs to buy in to why we’re providing great customer experience. They need to know where they sit in the customer journey, what they need to do to make sure the customer journey is seamless, so the customer doesn’t feel any disconnect, and the handoff from one section to the other is the same. The customer just feels like, “I went from one end to the other and, oh, was that a different person?” No, the service is the same everywhere.

Each team across the journey needs to have bought into that, so they’re always providing their best CX every time.”

– Dainah Kibera, Sales Operations Manager, Kenya Airways, in an interview with SmarterCX

Emotional connections at the core of your CX increase gross margin and sales growth

“Despite the insights gleaned about customers through advanced technologies and data analysis, something still seems to be missing for most companies…My classroom experience points to the missing ingredient: emotion…These executives weren’t using the standard language of business. They weren’t using terms like functional value, efficiency, and cost-value analysis. Instead, they were describing emotional impact.

A report from Gallup suggests that organizations that optimize emotional connections outperform rivals by 26% in terms of gross margin and 85% in terms of sales growth. They cultivate emotionally engaged customers who are less price sensitive, less likely to buy from competitors, and three times more likely to recommend and repurchase.”

Stefan Thomke, MIT Sloan Management Review

CX as one connected process

“These processes won’t work stand-alone…The service experience gets touched by the sales experience which gets touched by the marketing experience. The customer doesn’t delineate whether I’m engaged with you on the web versus when I’m engaged with you on the phone or in person. It’s all one experience. The ability for us to leverage that…from one part of the relationship to the other is key, and to make sure at every turn, we do it in a way that’s helping the customer advance their agenda as opposed to just advancing our agenda.”

– Mark Hurd, CEO, Oracle at Modern Customer Experience 2019

Exceeding customer expectations is everyone’s job

“Providing great customer service is no longer the responsibility of just one department. Today it’s called ‘customer experience,’ and everyone in the company is responsible for exceeding expectations.”

Harvard Business School Working Knowledge

Technology isn’t always the answer

“I love what’s happening right now because we’re starting to see that technology isn’t always the answer. That it’s a combination of technology and human intuition, humanity, empathy. So when we’d start talking about the changing sort of dynamics of a customer experience organization or the customer experience technologies, we’re starting to try to at scale track emotion.”

– Lily Varon, Analyst, Forrester Research in an interview with SmarterCX

Your org chart might be the key to CX success

“To be truly effective, dedicated innovation and experience design teams need to be embedded within the relevant business units — not sitting off in an innovation and design bubble. Transformational experience design must include partnerships with internal teams focused on data/analytics, customer care, privacy, and other strategic areas. Kobetz points to the hybrid digital/physical experience that banking customers require as an example of how important internal business collaboration is to delivering a personalized and seamless customer experience.”

Forrester in “The Secret To Transformational CX Design: Your Org Chart.”

It’s time for marketing, sales, commerce, and customer care to catch up

“Experience means how your brand lives in the world and how your customers experience it through all these touchpoints…through storytelling, through writing, through things like your email newsletter…The experience that your customers have and what you think your brand is are no longer separate things. They’re very much entwined…Our customers are demanding better experiences from us and it’s really marketing, and sales, and commerce, and customer care that has to catch up to that.”

– Ann Handley, WSJ Best-Selling Author & Digital Marketing Pioneer at Modern Customer Experience 2019

Focus on one thing to make your customer experience great

“What I’d love for 2019 is for CX pros to pick ONE THING that they’re going to conquer this year. One thing that they can take from mediocre to magnificent, in their organization. That’s why I’m glad that my colleagues on the Oracle CX Unforgettable series have provided several, highly-specific calls-to-arms for 2019, such as convenience (Shep), personalization (Blake), and customer journey management (Ian). These are all applicable ONE THINGS.

I’ll add my own: Speed.”

– Jay Baer, in an interview with SmarterCX

Keep these customer experience quotes and insights in mind as you move forward with your CX strategy into 2020 and the new decade beyond.

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Liz Alton
Liz Alton
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