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9 Spring Tech Trends and Apps for a Fresh Start

Erin Ollila
March 10, 2020

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Spring — that beautiful time of year in which the sun shines brighter longer and the temperature begins to warm up. And with these changes, cabin fever begins to melt away and people begin to spend more time outdoors. If you’re itching for the season to begin, these spring tech and apps will help you enjoy all this time of year has to offer.

Get outdoors

Tired of being cooped up indoors all winter long? Spring is the perfect time to get out in nature and explore. Training for a race, or simply want to get your feet on the pavement and go? The Nike Run Club app allows users to track their runs, while also offering guided courses, curated playlists, and the chance to compete with friends.

If hiking is more your style, the AllTrails app will help you find trails based on preferences, save your hikes, and even plot your progress. The spring is also a great time to try your luck at geocaching — a treasure hunt in both urban and rural areas. Many can be found while hiking, but don’t rule out your own neighborhood for a cache. If you’re new to this, the Geocaching app will help you get started.

And don’t forget spring tech in your travels. A solar charger helps you stay connected when in nature so you don’t have to worry about draining your smartphone or digital camera’s batteries.

Maintain your lawn

If you dread yard maintenance, the start of the season may feel overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be. With spring tech like smart lawn mowers, your time spent outdoors doesn’t have to be pushing a lawn mower. Husqvarna’s Automower® is one example of a smart mower that takes over a homeowner’s chore of cutting the grass. Not only does it connect to your smart home products of choice, but it stays within a predefined boundary, works in the rain and other weather temps, manages on slopes and hills, and has a built in alarm system to help prevent theft.

Eat more produce

With the introduction of warmer weather comes more options for seasonal produce. Your choices are no longer limited to what’s available at your supermarket. Now you can begin to shop at local farms, farmer’s markets, and enroll in a local community-supported agriculture (CSA) delivery service. But, what food is in season where you live? The Seasonal Food Guide app allows users to search the app based on location and date — narrowing down selection by half-months, even. If users are hungry for a particular type of produce, they can search the app specifically for that item to find out what time of year it’s in season, and what states they’ll find it in.

Prep your garden

Have you tilled your garden yet? With spring comes the responsibility of preparing your garden for success, and there are many spring tech and apps that can help you grow a bountiful garden this year. The Garden Plan Pro app allows users to design a garden and indicates where in the space the herbs, fruits, vegetables, and plants should be placed for optimal growth.

Because temps can suddenly drop in the spring, another useful app for novice and experienced gardeners is Weather Underground. With notifications of high winds, frost alerts, and other severe weather issues, you’ll know when it’s time to shield specific plants from the elements.

Considering installing an irrigation system? Don’t forget smart options. The Cyber Rain Cloud Technology system monitors the weather and adjusts the irrigation schedule so no additional water is wasted when it’s raining. In addition, it allows users remotely control sprinklers and sends an email if it detects any issues within the irrigation system.

These spring tech and apps will help you enjoy your time outdoors and fill your belly with healthy food, whether you’re exploring, maintaining, or just relaxing in the warming weather.

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