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9 Goal Setting Apps for a Happy Home and Work Life

Erin Ollila
February 10, 2021

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How are your goals for 2021 coming along? Are there too many things to get done, and you’re having trouble focusing on everything at once? If you’ve got many to-dos and goals set for this year but need a little help getting things accomplished, check out these nine apps that will get you organized and motivated.

Take a project management approach

Don’t let your project list overwhelm you. Instead, prioritize your goals and launch a completion plan.

A project management tool, such as Milanote or Trello, is the perfect option for getting organized. With these tools, you can create task lists, add visual elements, and even automate parts of your boards and lists to streamline workflows. You can also invite friends or colleagues to collaborate and help move your projects along.

Create routines

Once you’re feeling organized, creating a daily routine can help keep you on track. Apps such as Fabulous and Streaks can help you stick to new habits and form more productive ways.

Duke University’s Behavioral Economics Lab developed Fabulous. It not only records your habits over time but also provides coaching and community support. For those who like to compete against themselves, Streaks measures daily activity against a goal set by the user. The daily streak continues to add up until there’s a missed activity, and the “streak” resets to zero days.

Organize your family

If you’re currently working from home and your children are doing remote schooling, it can be challenging to manage your workload while staying on top of your children’s schoolwork. When everyone has meetings and assignments due at a specific time, having a view into everyone’s activities can help. A digital hub like Cozi Family Organizer helps pull together everyone’s to-dos in one easy-to-understand central and synchronized location. The app even allows you to plan your shopping trips by giving everyone access to a digital grocery list, too.

Keep your focus

Having trouble focusing when you’re juggling too many tasks? The good news is that there are a few apps to help you gain clarity or stay sharp. Apps like Focus or RescueTime help you measure how you spend time online and block distracting websites so you can focus on the task at hand.

RescueTime analyzes the websites you visit and creates daily reports. Focus blocks websites temporarily, so there’s no temptation to browse or scroll unnecessarily.

If you enjoy listening to music while you work, you might also want to consider downloading apps such as or Calm. Their zen playlists will help you stay in the zone and complete those goals.

Goal setting can be very personal, but what’s universal is that it’s hard to stay motivated, especially when your work and home life pulls you in many directions. These apps can help you stay on track and accomplish everything you set out to in 2021 and beyond.

Erin Ollila
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