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6 Companies That Exemplify Exceptional Brand Storytelling

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March 30, 2020

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According to cognitive psychologist Jerome Bruner and as reported by Forbes, information presented in a story is 22 times more memorable than facts alone. Many brands are incorporating storytelling into their customer experience as a way to reach consumers in creative and compelling ways, and boost customer engagement.

At Oracle Modern CX 2019, we spoke with Julian Guthrie, award-winning journalist and New York Times Bestselling Author of The Billionaire and the Mechanic, about her tips for effective storytelling for CX professionals. According to Guthrie, “You just have to love hearing people’s stories and always be on the lookout. You have to be very inquisitive about people in general. Then you have to find the right narrative.”

So, which brands are getting their story across effectively, and how are they doing it? We asked consumers to provide their favorite brand storytelling examples, and here are 6 of them.

Exceptional Brand Storytelling #1: Simple is better

“I don’t think that I will surprise anyone when I say that my favorite brand in terms of storytelling is Apple. From the start, they held a different philosophy that aimed to tell people that their products were made for those that thought differently, those that were unique.

On the other hand, the other major idea behind Apple is that simple is better…By this I mean the user experience, with a few clicks you could create something, play music on your iPod or use your iPad to browse the web. It was all seamless, integrated and simple to understand and use.”

Mike Sheety, Director, That Shirt

Exceptional Brand Storytelling #2: Sour then sweet

“My favorite brand storytelling example is the old Sour Patch Kids commercials. I used to giggle and re-watch those over and over. Plus, Sour Patch Kids are delicious, so what’s not to love?”

Sara Davis, VP of Growth, CanIRank

Exceptional Brand Storytelling #3: Authentic functionality

“Portland, Oregon–based Fishpeople Seafood sells fish for human consumption. Fishpeople Seafood stands out by focusing on ‘high quality, environmentally & socially conscious products.’

Fishpeople’s brand is not just built on socially responsible sizzle. What makes its story authentic is its simple ‘trace your fish’ functionality, which allows consumers to ‘meet the fishermen who put people in Fishpeople’ via a code on the product package that, plugged into its website, reveals all you ever wanted to know about the origin of the piece of fish you are about to enjoy. Consumers can find out for themselves the exact place a fish was caught, by whom and on what boat – all information that creates peace of mind and a vivid story about the food on their plates.”

Fabian Geyrhalter, Principal, FINIEN

Exceptional Brand Storytelling #4: Human connection

“I’m particularly fond of Filipino fast-food chain Jollibee’s video commercials. The videos are aired on their social media channels and paid advertisements on YouTube.

The brand successfully established a human connection with the masses by showing expertly-filmed stories from real Jollibee fans through a reenacted video. There’s one story that follows the love story of a couple that started with the brand’s infamous burger. Fast forward to 20 years into their marriage, and they still celebrate their love with the said burger.

The simple, and often unappreciated little things, are what enhances customer experience.”

Elmer Taboada, Marketing Manager, DaVinci Tech

Exceptional Brand Storytelling #5: Clear and distinct voice

“For me, the best example of brand storytelling is with the video from AirBnB. It easily symbolizies what AirBnB stands for – sharing, travelling, making friendships and connections between guests and hosts and calling the world as home. It is very well done creatively. With clear and distinct voice, the video truly depicts the AirBnB brand and tells its story beautifully.”

Saurabh Jindal, Talk Travel

Exceptional Brand Storytelling #6: Impactful voice

“When we talk about great storytelling and connecting with the audience in the most unique and creative ways, Headspace is a brand that comes to my mind. Providing helpful guides and resources concerning meditation , well-being and overall happiness, they’ve managed to get millions of readers worldwide and really grew their brand’s name substantially over the last 10 years. They use a simple, positive, and impactful voice in every new post or social media engagement and people are recognizing that.”

Joy Corkery, Content Marketing Lead, Latana

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