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5 Ways Companies Are Boosting CX Through Environmental Efforts

Phil Britt
April 22, 2021

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As the United States marks its 51st Earth Day on April 22, a growing number of companies are boosting their customer experience (CX) through enhanced environmental efforts.

According to a Kearney survey, 78% of consumers believe companies could be doing more to help them make decisions that improve environmental outcomes, while 65% expect companies to clearly explain environmental benefits on their product labels or websites. Below are five examples of how companies are satisfying these consumer concerns, and as a result, improving their CX.

Corporate donations, connections

Patagonia, a designer of outdoor clothing and gear for the “silent sports”—climbing, surfing, skiing, snowboarding, fly fishing, and trail running—donates 1% of sales to the preservation and restoration of natural environments. The company’s Patagonia Action Works effort connects committed individuals to organizations working on environmental issues in the same community, enabling customers and non-customers alike to connect with environmental action groups and get involved with the work they do.

Wildlife preservation efforts

Oracle is a longtime supporter of Pristine Seas, a National Geographic initiative that identifies, surveys, protects, and restores the last wild places in the ocean. The team’s work has helped create 22 marine reserves spanning nearly six million square kilometers. This allows biodiversity to flourish and will help protect species from extinction.

Oracle also supports the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International (DFGFI) and its protection of gorillas and their habitats in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo since 1990. Oracle hosts all of DFGFI’s data—the world’s largest longitudinal collection of data on any wild gorilla population—for free.

Greener stores

Several restaurants have committed to “greener” stores, reducing or eliminating disposable plastics and using a larger array of biodegradable supplies for both takeout and in-store orders. Starbucks, for example, has issued a $1 billion Sustainability Bond, the funds from which are being used to help design, build, and operate 10,000 greener stores globally by 2025 as well as to support ethically sourced coffee.

The coffee giant also announced that it’s expanding its “borrow a cup” program from the pilot store to four more locations through the end of May. Under the terms of the program, customers have the option to receive their beverage in a reusable cup and return it at a participating store’s contactless kiosk or at home through a Seattle-area service called Ridwell.

Corporate investments

Amazon’s $2 billion Climate Change Fund supports the development of sustainable, decarbonizing technologies and services. This dedicated program invests in early-stage to well-established organizations whose products and solutions will facilitate the transition to a low-carbon economy.

Commitment to green energy

Ikea, which has solar panels installed in 90% of its US locations, is planning to install the panels across all of the company’s 10 superstores in Australia, according to a pv magazine post. By the middle of the decade, the home decor retailer expects to achieve zero-emission home deliveries and be “climate positive” by 2030.

Nearly 70% of consumers in the US and Canada think it’s important that a brand is sustainable or eco-friendly. By demonstrating a commitment to greener practices, brands can differentiate in their markets and provide peace of mind for environmentally conscious customers. Eco-friendly brands are not only doing some good for the environment on this Earth Day, but they’re also creating positive customer experiences.

Phil Britt
Phil Britt is a veteran journalist who covered various aspects of customer relations, marketing, technology and financial services for 40 years, with his work appearing in several national publications as well as on various websites. A Purdue University graduate, Phil enjoys following Chicago sports teams.
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