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5 Tech Advances to the Wedding Experience in 2019

Erin Ollila
May 01, 2019

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No longer is the wedding day solely focused on brides and grooms. One of the key findings from WeddingWire’s 2019 Newlywed Report indicated that an emphasis is placed “on personalization and creating a full guest experience.” Because there’s such pressure to make the wedding experience memorable and enjoyable for everyone who attends, 2 out of 3 Millennials are taking at least one pre-engagement action to plan their big day before the question is even popped, according to the report.

Tech innovations transform what may be the biggest day of brides’ and grooms’ lives, while also giving guests an unforgettable experience. And while wedding websites, personalized hashtags, and drone coverage were some of the recent wedding tech advances, here are 5 new tech trends to look out for this year.

A robotic bartender

Open bar? Cash bar? Specialty drink? There are already too many decisions to make when it comes to wedding beverages, but the introduction of a robotic bartender looks to make this planning easier and more enjoyable. With options to make hundreds of different cocktails, most robotic bartenders, like Somabar or Barsys, also make the drinks in just 10 to 30 seconds, giving guests more time to dance and enjoy themselves, instead of waiting in a line.

QR code everything

While they’ve been around for a some time, QR codes are infiltrating weddings this year, covering everything from planning to day-of festivities. Engaged couples are designing invitations to include them, allowing guests to RSVP digitally for the big event with a tool like RSVPify. Some apps then allow guests to access the wedding website and guest registry after RSVPing. QR codes can also be used on the wedding day to provide directions to and from the ceremony and reception sites, act as a seating chart to inform guests where they are sitting, and even allow guests to upload pictures and notes into a digital guestbook for the newlyweds. Another option is to use them on thank you cards. Martha Stewart Weddings suggests attaching one to “…your photos and wedding video so guests can look back on your wedding online with you.”

Hidden cameras

While personal cameras will never be able to record special moments in the same way a professional photographer or videographer can, up close and personal recording shows couples a different angle of their wedding that they may not have been able to capture otherwise. With miniature yet high quality cameras, such as a GoPro, it’s easier than ever to get a different view. Cameras are being spotted in bridal bouquets, in place of a groom’s boutonniere, on a ring bearer’s pillow, on the bar, and many other fun locations.

GIF photobooths

Remember weddings without photobooths? If so, it’s a distant memory. The standard photobooth has been a staple in the industry for a long time — the WeddingWire results show 25% of receptions as having them. Now they’re getting a face lift. Introducing the GIF booth, which takes a quick stream of images and pieces them together into a GIF for guests. Some booths, like Gifyyy, text guests their GIF right away so they can share them on social media or keep for later. Pair it with a traditional photobooth or find a combination booth and guests will be celebrating all night long.

3D printing

Expect to see touches of 3D printing everywhere this year. “Whenever there was a choice between making and buying something, I went for the 3D-printing option,” says MIT Technology Review’s space reporter, Erin Winick, in an article for the site. “I printed my headband, the bouquets for me and my bridesmaids, all the table numbers, the cake topper, the floral cake decorations, and the flower girl’s necklace…Like many other DIY and hobbyist projects, it allowed for a deep connection to the things I created.”

If you’re planning your wedding, don’t be married (pun intended) to the specifics of long-standing traditions. Incorporate a little fun into your big day with some of these tech updates for a wedding experience that will be truly unforgettable.

Erin Ollila
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