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5 Innovative Tech Tools Upgrading Home Improvements

Erin Ollila
May 24, 2021

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We’ve all spent a lot of time in our homes during the past year, and for many, that time indoors sparked a deep desire for home improvement projects. According to a mid-2020 Porch.com survey, three in four US homeowners completed at least one home improvement project since the start of the pandemic. At the time of the survey, 78% of respondents planned on completing a project in the next 12 months.

What are consumers focusing on for their improvement projects—small changes or major renovations? Here, we discover some of the popular tech tools homeowners may consider investing in to either improve their quality of living or make their home improvement projects easier to accomplish.

Smart learning thermostats

For homeowners looking to reduce their energy bills, the best place to start is by replacing old thermostats with new intelligent models. While there are many options on the market, some can tell whether rooms are occupied or if residents are out of the building, allowing the thermostat to adjust the temperature appropriately.

Smart thermostats adjust to meet your heating and cooling preferences throughout the day.

Wireless LED lightbulbs

16% of the Porch.com respondents planned on adding lighting to their home. One way to accomplish that, while also considering energy efficiency, is with LED smart lighting options. Controlled by remotes, apps on devices like phones and tablets, or set to a schedule, these energy savers are a smart upgrade to any home.

Smart lighting allows users to change the hue and brightness of their lighting depending on the time of day, moods, and more!

Thermal leak detectors

The DIYer with a mind for energy efficiency may want to consider purchasing a thermal leak detector to use in areas of their home, such as windows, fireplaces, ducts, or any spots insulation may be vulnerable. These tools are also helpful to monitor refrigerators and freezers.

Does your library offer thermal leak detectors on loan?

Smart tools

The serious DIYer should consider investing in smart tools that can connect via Bluetooth to phones and other devices that help program them for daily use. Some tools, like a smart screwdriver, even allow for one-touch activation to complete its assigned job. No more worrying about stripped screws!

Improve your repair work efficiency and save your wrist with a smart screwdrever.

Security systems

With all the effort consumers are putting into their home improvement projects, installing a smart security system may be at the top of the list. From video doorbells and floodlights, to door and window sensors, to installed systems managed through digital apps, consumers can choose to install one item or an entire security suite.

A SafeWise survey found that 25% of respondents purchased a smart doorbell, 23% bought a smart security camera, and 17% purchased a smart lock in 2020.

Get peace of mind with a system that lets you monitor safety even when you’re away from home.

With all the options for upgrading your home with the help of tech tools, it doesn’t matter which home improvement project you choose first. These are all bound to improve your home!

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