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5 Compelling Sales Sessions at Oracle Modern Customer Experience 2019

Corie McHugh
January 16, 2019

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Oracle Modern Customer Experience 2019 will take place March 19-21 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, with 100+ planned sessions focusing on the hottest topics in customer experience. Over 20 of these sessions will focus specifically on sales.

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Here are 5 of the upcoming, compelling sales sessions. You can also view the full sales and CPQ session catalog here.

Data session

Analyzing Your Sales Data with Engagement Cloud

Breakout session featuring Carleton Cornish, Oracle

This session will cover the basics of analyzing Oracle Engagement Cloud data, including the purpose and use of the Report Composer and BI Answers tools. Get ready to learn about subject areas, review existing subject areas and analyses, and create a new analysis.

Connected sales and service session

Getting Personal: Brands Discuss their Distinct Paths to Unify Sales & Service

Breakout session featuring Michelle Brusyo, Oracle

A “one-size-fits-all approach” won’t cut it when each company must find the best approach that works for their specific customers and business processes. Add the intricacy of multiple regions, multiple brands, or product lines within each company, and it’s difficult to determine a linear path to success. Hear directly from a diverse range of brands on how they’ve used the Engagement Cloud solution to support their needs for connected sales and service.

CPQ transformation session

Hear CPQ Superstars on Their Business Transformation Journey with CPQ

Breakout session featuring Chris Haussler, Director Product Management, Oracle

In this session, hear from legendary CPQ customers about how they are leveraging many parts of the Oracle solution portfolio along with CPQ to transform their businesses. Their vision, focus, and stories will inspire you to become a legend in your company, too. Join this conversation with a diverse mix of customers.

CPQ visionary session

Inspiring Stories from New Customers Joining the CPQ Hero List

Breakout session featuring Greg Swender, Oracle

Hear from a few of the new Oracle CPQ visionaries about their challenges, goals, and aspirations. Join some new CPQ customers in an interesting and informative session. Get ready for inspiration.

Cross-CX session

Totally Doable: Brands Share How They Deliver on the Ambitious Cross-CX Promise

Breakout session featuring Bridget Nygaard, Director of Commercial Marketing and Lead Generation, Schneider; Kayleigh Halko, Senior Manager CX Product Stategy, Oracle

It’s one of the most highly discussed and universally lauded endeavors among leading brands in every industry, across the globe. Deliver a consistent, frictionless customer experience – from online discovery, through digital or guided purchase and post-sales – or risk your competitive foothold. Yet it’s not clear just how to execute on the goal of seamlessly connected marketing and sales. Get firsthand tales from brands you know and love: their strategies, roadblocks, technology and successes, and what’s next on their journey.

**Ready to register for Oracle Modern Customer Experience 2019? Visit the registration page and use discount code “SmarterCX” to get a rate of $1,295 on a full conference pass now through March 18, 2019.**

Note that event details are subject to change.

Corie McHugh
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