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5 Can’t-Miss Marketing Sessions at Oracle Modern Customer Experience 2019

Corie McHugh
January 30, 2019

3 minute read

Oracle Modern Customer Experience 2019 will take place March 19-21 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, with 100+ planned sessions focusing on the hottest topics in customer experience. Over 40 of these sessions will focus specifically on marketing trends and technologies.

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Here are 5 of the upcoming, can’t-miss marketing sessions. You can also view the full marketing session catalog here.

A Look Ahead: The Future of Customer Experience and B2C Marketing

Breakout session featuring Sterling Shew, Principal Product Manager – Responsys, Oracle
and Shawn Myers, Director, Product Marketing, Oracle

Customer experience is quickly changing in the age of the Experience Economy. In this session, learn how Oracle’s B2C customer experience solutions are evolving to help brands keep pace with disruptive changes.

Best Practices for Marketing to Individuals

Breakout session featuring Justin Woo, Senior Solution Engineer, Oracle and Bryan Finfrock, Product Marketing Manager, Oracle

Oracle Responsys users have access to state-of-the-art digital marketing tools, and many have been using those tools to earn a unique advantage: an improved customer experience. In this session, hear from veteran Oracle Responsys professionals as they share insight about the best marketing they have produced with Oracle Responsys over the past decade.

Oracle Infinity in Action – How to Measure Your Marketing Performance

Breakout session featuring Steve Earl, Senior Director Product Marketing, Oracle and Jeff Seacrist, Product Management Lead for CX Infinity, Oracle

Oracle Infinity is a powerful enterprise analytics solution that provides visibility into the performance of your marketing programs. Marketers and analysts can interact with their analytics data in ways never before possible at this scale. This session will show Oracle Infinity in action, demonstrating how marketers can use it to answer common questions about the performance of their marketing programs. You will also see the real-time data streaming capabilities that are part of Oracle Infinity.

How to Stop Herding Cats and Start Engaging with Orchestrations

Breakout session featuring Rich Bloyd, Director, Solution Engineering, Oracle and Marc Schweid, Senior Principal Product Strategy Manager, Oracle

The customer journey, which was never really alive to begin with, is dead. No two customers will reach the moment of purchase on the exact same path. So why are marketers blazing trails to create customer journeys? In this session learn how Oracle Responsys leverages marketing orchestrations to deliver an engaging experience that doesn’t attempt to herd cats.

Small but Mighty: The HOW-TOs of Legendary Marketing with a Small Team

Breakout session featuring Jody Mooney, Manager, Product Management, Eloqua – R&D, Oracle

In this session get practical tips for running Oracle Eloqua solutions to the max with a small team, and hear inspiring stories from other marketing teams that are doing it today.

**Ready to register for Modern CX 2019? Visit the registration page and use discount code “SmarterCX” to get a rate of $1,295 on a full conference pass now through March 18, 2019.**

Note that event details are subject to change.

Corie McHugh
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