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4 Tech Trends Driving CRM Software in 2018

Balaji Ramachandran
January 24, 2018

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Customer Relationship Management, or CRM software, has come a long way since its beginnings in the 70s and 80s. It continues to evolve to incorporate new technology, features, and innovations to help organizations build and nurture personalized customer relationships. Here are four tech trends that are driving innovation in CRM in 2018, and helping organizations reach and engage their target audiences across channels.

CRM software trend - artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence will prove to be one of the most prominent means of innovation in CRM in 2018. With the potential to make every business smarter, AI will reduce manual work, take over tedious tasks, and learn from our interactions to help predict our needs.

AI-powered CRM systems will have the potential to learn from usage patterns of marketers and salespeople to automate tasks, as well as collect and analyze data on leads and customers to predict trends, make critical decisions, and reduce cold-calling.

CRM software trend - Social CRM

Social CRM

For companies that want to optimize their social network and get closer to the customer, social is the next frontier in CRM. Service bots will help keep brands engaged with current and potential customers, and help resolve customer issues anytime, anywhere. Social CRM also allows brands to access important information about customer behavior and opinions invaluable to improving overall CX.

CRM software trend - RESTful APIs


Another important trend in CRM for 2018 is improved integration with applications and services across sales, marketing, and customer service including mobile and web-based solutions. Industry-standard interfaces like RESTful APIs are the key to successful collaboration as they allow systems to easily communicate securely and privately for a seamless flow of information and full view of the customer.

CRM software trend - IoT


With the current advancements in IoT, CRM is all set to change the business landscape. Our devices, cars, and homes are more connected than ever, and IoT platforms for managing these connected devices are now mature and ready to be integrated with CRM software. IoT will power up CRM software with real-time data about customer behaviors and preferences, customer complaints, changes in product demand, and price changes from their competitors, allowing businesses to respond in real time and create actionable strategies. So in 2018, IoT-powered CRM will unleash new opportunities for businesses to create better customer experiences.

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