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4 Psychology Lessons That’ll Help You Get Ahead in Technology

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March 06, 2018

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Rachana Bhide, Organizational Psychologist and Talent Partner for Engineering at Bloomberg and Founder of the Corner of the Court Project, shared with us her 4 psychology-based lessons that help engineers and other technology professionals boost their careers and become better leaders.

Hear Rachana’s “4 Psychology Lessons That’ll Help You Get Ahead in Tech” and read the transcript below. Plus, learn more about Rachana’s story and her work with the Corner of the Court Project in “How to Be a Male Ally to Women in Technology“.

Psychology lesson 1 - Gain a different perspective

Lesson #1: Gain a different perspective

It really behooves someone in technology to take a step out for a year or two, full time, to work in sales, or to work in HR, so that it gives a different perspective on the user experience. When you are out with customers in a sales capacity, you can really see customers’ motivations. You can see when a product is going to market, what sticks, and hear user feedback right away. That’s a skill. That’s valuable intel. That just makes you a better technologist and a better engineer.

Psychology lesson 2 - Build trust and empathy

Lesson #2: Build trust and empathy

It also does a lot for this concept of collaboration. In Agile software development, having teams that trust each other and that work across silos is so important. And so, to be able to not just say but also feel what it’s like to be in a sales person’s shoes or in a product manager’s shoes, as an engineer, is really important and it builds trust. It certainly builds credibility, but also builds the necessary empathy in order to create the best product. And that’s what we all want to do.

Psychology lesson 3 - Be self-aware

Lesson #3: Be self-aware

The foundation for being a great leader is self-awareness. One example of a quick litmus test around self-awareness is: Do you see yourself as a relational leader? Do you see yourself as a visionary leader? Do you see yourself as an operational leader? Those are great buckets to think about because it helps you play to your strengths. It also helps you set your vision and talk to your team about what you find important.

If you’re a relationship driven leader, you may want to hire a right-hand person who is really great with the details. That’s one example of why self-awareness is important.

Psychology lesson 4 - Boost your emotional intelligence

Lesson #4: Boost your emotional intelligence

Increasingly in the workplace we are seeing the concept of emotional intelligence really come to play. One of the emotional intelligence models looks at both the self and the other when assessing and teaching leaders how to exercise the muscle of emotional intelligence.

Having high self-regard allows you to have high regard for others. Being aware of yourself and your actions when you’re in a meeting helps you then, in turn, coach others to be better leaders. So, self-awareness is at the root of it.


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