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4 Gaps in the Modern Selling Process

Erin Ollila
November 19, 2020

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According to the Getting Past the Breaking Point of Yesterday’s CRM study from Oracle and Beagle Research Group (BRG), 90% of modern sellers complain that certain aspects of their job take much longer than necessary. In the report, Denis Pombriant, founder of BRG and prominent CRM analyst, says, “Our data shows that selling remains hard and employees increasingly substitute their time and effort to support a mix of general-purpose systems to get their jobs done.”

What are the specific gaps in the selling process that’s preventing modern sellers from doing what they do best? Here, we’ll explore four bottlenecks sales professionals deal with on a regular basis while working through the selling process.

Manual tasks

One of the foundational problems sellers face is the never-ending expansion of their role and job duties. They’re spending their time—outside of the traditional 9-to-5 landscape—connecting with customers who want to meet virtually, manually updating data into multiple systems, and entering notes or client demographics into tools such as CRM systems. Additional tasks, such as following up with prospects sellers know just aren’t interested, sales training activities, and waiting on pricing approvals, slow down their ability to move through the selling process even further.

Faulty data

A shocking 85% of sellers admit that faulty data in their CRM systems led to potentially embarrassing mistakes such as:

  • Calling the same prospect multiple times
  • Connecting with individuals who already own the product or service
  • Using the wrong name or title when speaking with a prospect

For individuals who are already on the fence about purchasing, what may seem like small errors could end up being what makes them decide to take their business elsewhere.

Depending on too many tools

The modern salesperson approaches the selling process using outdated programs or tech systems made up of products that don’t “talk” to each other. 72% of respondents admitted to needing three or more screens available just to move through a typical sales process, and one of those screens often happens to be their own mobile devices. Additionally, sellers also reported using an average of eight tools regularly to complete their job duties.

Relying on an outdated approval system

58% of respondents shared frustrations around getting approvals for either quotes or deals. Without using modern configuration, pricing, and quotation solutions, sales professionals—and their prospects—are forced to wait, which typically leads to deals falling through. In fact, 42% of sellers admitted to being ghosted by their prospects because competitors got to them before they were able to secure the necessary approvals.

Manual duties and a lack of integrated tools create gaps in the selling process that can easily be addressed by smart brands investing in their tech solutions and more importantly, in one of their biggest assets—their sales staff.

For more insights, download the Getting Past the Breaking Point of Yesterday’s CRM report.

Erin Ollila
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