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4 CX Lessons from Unusual Places

Jodi Warner
August 15, 2018

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Adapted advice from the Experience This! podcast with Joey Coleman and Dan Gingiss.

Are you doing enough to stand out and be memorable with your customer experiences? In episodes 28-31 of Experience This!, a customer experience podcast series, hosts and CX experts Joey Coleman and Dan Gingiss discuss the importance of unexpected customer experiences and lessons learned from unique places.

Every customer interaction is an opportunity

Dan and Joey begin episode 28 discussing how even an interaction in a public restroom can leave the customer with a remarkable, memorable experience. Dan was pretty familiar with the venue restrooms he was about to use at a social media marketing event. He had his normal expectations of walking in to the restroom, doing his thing, and walking out — until he noticed that someone decided to create an experience out of a urinal by adding a plastic, green soccer goal with a ball that was hanging from a string. That experience got Dan thinking, and he even used the example in a presentation at Social Media Marketing World.

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Go above the expected

Throughout episode 29, Dan and Joey review a few customer experiences where the little things do actually matter and create memorable experiences. Joey’s CX lesson he highlights in this episode was from a recent experience flying with his entire family on a Delta flight. His boys have flown many times and when boarding, his oldest son expects to spend a few minutes in the cockpit with the captain and occasionally be allowed to press a button or two. As his son leaves the cockpit, the captain typically gives him a plastic wing. This flight was different. Instead, the captain gave Joey’s son trading cards that Delta made for the different planes in their fleet. The wings were the predictable experience, and now Joey’s son had a new experience and something different to interact with the captain about. “It definitely was something that caught my attention,” said Joey. Sometimes doing the unexpected is what turns customers (and future customers) into loyal fans.

Turn a negative into a positive

Sometimes CX lessons can even occur through a typo on a massive order of custom bags. In episode 30, Dan and Joey discuss how this huge typo turned into a huge opportunity. UK-based fashion company, Asos, turned their printing mistake into a creative marketing opportunity by posting a photo on Twitter of the misspelled bag, announcing that they were “limited edition.” The photo received many likes, retweets, and lots of positive comments. Joey said, “I love this example because you’re going to make mistakes in your business. And when it does, and you notice before anyone else, you have choices. You just need to own it, and if owning the mistake is in alignment with your brand voice, you’re good to go.”

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Put down the business book and sprinkle in some fiction

In episode 31, Dan and Joey spend some time going back and forth on virtual reality (VR) and how it will or will not grow in the customer experience space. While they may not both agree on the future of VR, they do agree that reading some fiction every now and then can expand your understanding of what an experience can be. Joey said, “We get used to creating the same type of experiences that are kind of the norm or acceptable within our industry or business world. Reading science fiction in particular exposes us to what could be coming down the road or what’s there in the future.”

If you are looking for a few science fiction suggestions, Joey recommends Pattern Recognition by William Gibson and Change Agent by Daniel Suarez. Will one of these be your next read instead of a business book?

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