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4 CX Automations That Give You Time Back in Your Day

Rieva Lesonsky
April 30, 2018

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Whether you’re part of an enterprise organization or running a growing business, time is something nobody has enough of. It’s impossible to add more hours into our day, but it is possible to make the hours we have work harder for us, especially when it comes to executing customer experience (CX) strategies.

To help them help themselves, I’ve been advising clients to incorporate more automation tools fueled by artificial intelligence (AI). These tools make CX operate smarter by automatically tracking interactions, making sense of data, and deploying the right tactics at the right time—all while freeing up employees to work on more complex tasks. Automation is not only improving the overall customer experience they deliver, it’s streamlining processes and yielding better business results.

Here are four areas of CX to consider automating.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation

This seems like an obvious one, yet you’d be surprised how many people I talk to aren’t fully onboard yet. Automating lead generation and management tasks, such as capturing, scoring, tracking, and nurturing leads, frees your marketing team to spend more time actually building out memorable, targeted campaigns instead of handling busywork. For example, you can automate responses to prospects and leads and set up drip nurtures, while automatically tracking all of their interactions to find out what elicits engagement. AI tools can also improve conversion by analyzing and synthesizing information about a prospect’s behavior to deliver relevant, personalized marketing messages at on the right channel at the right time.

Sales Automation

Sales automation

Sales teams often hit plateaus in their selling process—many have trouble finding the best contact, fully understanding where the contact is in the buying process, and figuring out how to close deals faster, from quote to sale. AI takes sales automation to new levels.

Take AI-powered “virtual sales assistants (VSAs),” for example. VSAs use machine learning to determine the most effective next steps a salesperson should take, such as when to contact a customer or the best wording to use to get the deal done. Thanks to natural language processing, salespeople can even talk to their VSAs conversationally—they can ask to pull up customer records, show daily calendar information, set reminders, organize meetings, and more. VSAs are an incredible “right arm” for anyone on the frontlines of the business.

Commerce Automation

Commerce automation

No matter if you’re selling products or services, it’s likely that your customer will have been all over your website looking for answers before ever making an in-person or phone inquiry. Adding an AI-powered chatbot can boost customer satisfaction by allowing them to ask questions at their convenience, find content they’re searching for, and get complete their shopping cart faster.

Chatbots can answer customer questions in real-time, make suggestions, and up-sell or cross-sell customers by learning from their past behavior to predict new needs—before the customer even knows what they need. Enhanced product recommendations and personalized experiences build customer loyalty and create repeat purchases.

Customer Service Automation

Customer service automation

Does handling calls, emails, and online chats take up a big part of your business? Then customer service automation can be a real game changer. Automated customer service chat is not new, but today’s AI tools are even more sophisticated, using natural language processing to respond to voice commands, questions, or searches. Your business can use AI to prioritize customers in the queue and route them to the appropriate department or representative, making the process easier on your teams, and more importantly, making it easier on your customers. Simple questions can be handed off to AI, giving live agents more time to handle complex customer service issues.

Rieva Lesonsky
Rieva Lesonsky
Rieva Lesonsky is the CEO of GrowBiz Media and SmallBizDaily.com. She spent the first three years of her life hanging out in the back of her grandfather’s liquor store, where she learned all about providing excellent customer experience—and a whole lot more.
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