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4 Customer Loyalty Goofs: Are You Guilty?

Brittany Schmigel
July 18, 2018

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Is your brand guilty of committing common customer experience mistakes? Whether your business knowingly or unknowingly commits a CX goof, error, or faux pas, it can cost you customer loyalty.

Recently, we asked our Twitter community to weigh in on the question: What’s a guaranteed way to lose customer loyalty that businesses may not realize they’re guilty of? A number of renowned customer experience (CX) advisors, thought leaders, and industry professionals shared their insights with us on the evolution of brand loyalty and what this means for the business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) spaces. Continue reading to see their answers.

Question: What’s a guaranteed way to lose customer loyalty that businesses may not realize they’re guilty of?

Customer loyalty goof 1

Sales or marketing makes promises that the rest of the company can’t or won’t deliver on. Complacency. Getting caught up in “fine”. That’s a death sentence.

— Carla Johnson, Author of Experiences: The 7th Era of Marketing, @CarlaJohnson

Customer loyalty goof 2

Resting on your laurels. It’s easier to go from good to mediocre than good to great.

— Rieva Lesonsky, Founder of, @Rieva

Customer loyalty goof 3

A lack of personalization and responsiveness to the individual customer. Customers don’t leave because of pricing, customers leave because they feel unappreciated.

— Tamara McCleary, CEO of Thulium, @TamaraMcCleary

Customer loyalty goof 4

Ignoring them will make them leave. Customers are nice people and just expect a timely response and action. Give that to them.

— Shashi Bellamkonda, Chief Marketing Officer at, @ShashiB

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Brittany Schmigel
Brittany Schmigel
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