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3 Ways Your Retail Shoppers Have Changed

Mia McPherson
April 25, 2018

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Preview of ebook: 3 Ways Your Shoppers Have Changed, and How to Keep Up in a Digital Age

It’s no secret that today’s consumer dictates the modern shopping experience. There’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all anymore.

How exactly have these shoppers evolved? We did some research, asked real shoppers for their input, and outlined three prominent changes. To learn more about how to delight the modern shopper, read the full ebook: “3 Ways Your Shoppers Have Changed, and How to Keep Up in a Digital Age.” Here’s a preview of what we learned.

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They want a personalized experience

84% percent of North American C-level executives say their organization has experienced a trend toward customers wanting a more individualized experience, yet fewer than one in ­five of those execs give their organization an “A” in its ability to offer this personal touch. The biggest challenge? The ability to respond quickly and effectively to changing market conditions.

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They want an omnichannel experience

Increasingly, Millennials and Baby Boomers alike want to shop however is most convenient: research online and buy in-store, research in-store and buy online, “click and collect,” check in-store availability pre-visit, shop while on the couch, shop using social media, and more. And guess what? Omnichannel shoppers are also more loyal, with 23 percent more repeat purchases than single-channel shoppers.

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They want it NOW

From the ­first touchpoint to the last, and throughout the repeat purchase cycle, easy access to information, agility in navigating products and product information, and speed in executing the purchase are key to capturing and holding the attention of the modern shopper. And once they’ve made their decision, they expect to execute the purchase and receive items with ease, grace, and at a rapid pace—whether online or in-store. 47% of online shoppers say they’d pay more for same-day delivery.

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Mia McPherson
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