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3 Ways Vitamix Blends CX and Tech for One Sweet Experience

Grace Cary
April 27, 2018

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Earlier this month, the SmarterCX team traveled to Chicago for Oracle’s annual Modern Customer Experience event. We shared all of our favorite highlights from the show floor and recapped the awesome keynotes from Cheryl Strayed and other brilliant thinkers. I also had the chance to talk with two women from Vitamix and learn more about their product and customer experience.

A Vitamix is a versatile machine, and can whip up much more than just smoothies.

Blenders are generally known for liquefying frozen fruit, but the capabilities of a Vitamix allow for a much wider range of recipe creation. At Modern CX, I tried a peanut-almond-cashew dip that required no additional liquid to puree it. Because of the high and low speed variations, it can function like a food processor and be used to chop vegetables. Other customer favorites include salsas, soups and even frozen desserts.

It’s actually a high-tech piece of equipment

The newest edition the Vitamix team had on display at Modern CX is like the “Rolls Royce” of blenders. It’s enabled with Bluetooth, and has a chip in the base so it always knows which of the containers is being used. The Bluetooth also connects with their new ‘Perfect Blend’ app, so when you select a recipe within the app, the blender will also know what is being made and adjust settings accordingly.

They have an all-star customer service team

The Vitamix support team is there to walk you through anything, including crises like dropping a spoon in the blender while it’s on, which can be both messy and terrifying (I have done this, I don’t recommend it). Their team can be reached at 1-800-Vitamix and someone will be there to help troubleshoot any issues or questions customers have about their machines.

For more on Vitamix, watch an interview with Holly Hacker, Director of Direct Sales and Customer Experience at Vitamix, and see how they cultivate an outstanding CX culture through raving fans.

Note: Vitamix offers a corporate accounts program, where companies can partner with Vitamix to give their employees discounts and make it part of their wellness package.

Grace Cary
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