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3 Ways to Use Customer Intelligence to Fuel Marketing Programs

Rick O'Herron
April 23, 2018

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At Modern Customer Experience 2018, Shashi Seth, Senior Vice President of Oracle Marketing Cloud, announced that Infinity has been added to Oracle Marketing Cloud as its new real-time data analytics and customer intelligence platform.

How do modern data analytics technologies help today’s marketer get ahead? Here are 3 ways to use modern data analytics and customer intelligence technologies to fuel marketing programs.

3 Ways to Use Customer Intelligence Tip 1

Take action based on real-time, all-the-time data

Marketing teams require timely feedback to make adjustments quickly and not lose an opportunity. While analyzing data byte streams in real time has been a long-sought goal, more often than not, the default latency for most analytics reports is 24 hours or more because not all data may be available in real time.

Taking action and making business decisions based on real-time data is what adds value to a business. To get access to all data in real time requires the right technology and a new approach to collect, store, and interrogate that data. When it’s all collected and available, then you can hone in and scrutinize any customer segment. Questions get answered when you need them. Business decisions get made and problems get solved faster.

3 Ways to Use Customer Intelligence Tip 2

Connect insights and behaviors across all digital channels

To provide great, consistent and winning customer experiences, brands require insight into how their audiences behave within each channel at any given time. This includes acquisition, conversion, service, and customer advocacy processes. If a brand fails, the fickle customer can instantly switch to a competitor.

Access to visitor-level data in real time empowers marketers to coordinate and optimize their messages, and deliver contextually relevant and effective cross-channel engagement.

3 Ways to Use Customer Intelligence Tip 3

Utilize one source to connect visitor-level intelligence

Complex data segmentation was traditionally hard for anyone other than data analysts and scientists to perform. That’s why it’s important to empower modern marketing teams and users to easily gain insights and analyze data within the marketing technology ecosystem. Those that can gather customer intelligence and apply it when and where the customer needs it are in a better position to provide exceptional experiences.

Rick O'Herron
Rick O'Herron
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