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3 Ways to Succeed at Virtual Selling with a Digital Sales Mindset

Kayleigh Halko
January 12, 2021

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If it seems like there are no longer any boundaries for how and when sales meetings happen, that’s because there aren’t. In a recent research report, 90% of sellers reported that they’ve taken sales calls in unusual places.

It’s likely that if you’re a seller in 2021, you’ve had the experience of taking sales calls in the car, on vacation, at the doctor’s office, in the bathroom, or maybe even in the shower.

Shifting to the entirely new norm of virtual selling has its challenges, but there are steps you can take to get the most from your sales calls.

Here are three recommendations for how to build a better engagement with digital buyers, align your sales tech with the latest selling trends, and realize your full digital sales potential.

Think like Gen Z

Digital sellers span all generations and levels of experience. However, Gen Z sellers have a lot to teach us about the mindset required to connect with today’s digital buyers. Smart sellers are always on, always available, and the conversations they typically have are really quick and relevant. When crafting your digital sales strategy, think about what you can learn from the way Gen Z communicates.

It’s become the norm to communicate via various channels, based on what makes the most sense in the moment – phone, email, video, even texts! Smart sales teams have access to important account and opportunity details such as pre-negotiated purchasing prices to help sellers personalize their conversations with the buyer on the channel of their preference.

Align with marketing

Getting aligned with marketing is really important if you want to maximize your sales opportunities and close more deals. Marketing and sales teams need a shared set of metrics to define the sales/marketing pipeline.

In order to be successful in today’s market, sellers need greater access to marketing engagement intelligence. To inform successful sales campaigns, sellers need a complete record of buyer engagement and an understanding of how marketing campaigns are resonating. Modern sellers benefit from greater sales pipeline visibility and the ability to make real time adjustments where opportunities arise.

Improve efficiencies

In order to adopt a digital sales mindset, sales teams need to do more than switch from in-person meetings and conference room workshops to video conferences. Keep in mind that people, processes, and technology built for high velocity selling processes and faster, more efficient interactions will help you stay focused and keep your buyers engaged.

Successful sales leaders are able to prioritize tasks, eliminate the time spent assessing daily activities, and get a better insight into the leads likely to convert.

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Kayleigh Halko
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