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3 Ways to Scale Customer Engagement as Your Business Grows

David Goltz
September 06, 2018

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Engagement positively influences how customers feel about your business – especially the omnichannel kind. According to Harvard Business Review, customers that are engaged on multiple channels spend 4% more in-store and 10% more online as single-channel shoppers.

But how do you stay close and scale simultaneously? Here are 3 strategies to maintain a deep understanding of your customer and strong customer engagement as you grow.

3 Ways to Scale Customer Engagement as Your Business Grows

Build a tribe

If you have a physical space, invite your community of customers and spend time getting to know them. If you’re a digital brand, be hyper-vigilant on social media to create a fun, safe place for your followers to interact with you. Don’t let your brand sit behind a series of images. Engage with your customers, and be authentic.

3 Ways to Scale Customer Engagement as Your Business Grows


Once you’ve found your tribe members, be specific about how they can help you. If you’re getting ready for a new product release, get them involved. Ask for feedback along the way and before release, just like you would from your product development team. Even better, ask them to help with marketing, ie: “We just created this thing based on the feedback we’ve gotten from our community. What do you guys think we should name it?” This helps maintain a level of intimacy with your customers and encourages conversations.

3 Ways to Scale Customer Engagement as Your Business Grows

Immerse your customers

Be very specific about the emotions you want your customers to experience when they walk through your door, and work backwards to find out how to design the physical space appropriately. Be as detailed as possible. The same applies if you’re a purely digital brand, because your website is a digital representation of who you are. Make sure it tells a story – if you’re digital, that’s the fastest way to convey the emotion you’re looking for. The same applies if you operate both physically and digitally. Just make sure you’re evoking the same emotions for customers in both places to reinforce your brand.

To read additional strategies to help maintain a strong foundation and customer focus as you continue to grow, read “Five strategies on How SMBs Can Stay Close to Their Customers and Scale Simultaneously” in Oracle’s Profit Magazine.

David Goltz
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