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3 Ways to Create an Amazing Customer Experience Through Service, with Shep Hyken [VIDEO]

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June 04, 2019

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At ModernCX 2019, Daniel Foppen, Senior Principal Product Manager at Oracle welcomed Shep Hyken, Chief Amazement Officer at Shepherd Presentations, to the SmarterCX studio to discuss the importance of customer service when it comes to creating an amazing customer experience.

Here are 3 takeaways from their conversation.

Treat service as a major differentiator

“You can have the greatest product in the world, but if you don’t back it up with a good experience, especially the people experience and the support experience, it doesn’t matter how good the product is. Your customer will go somewhere else to find something comparable, because they like to be treated better,” says Shep. He notes that customer service may be even more important than the product itself, as it makes or breaks the customer experience.

“According to New Voice Media, last year 75 billion dollars was lost due to poor customer service.” He continues, “Customers are getting smarter than ever, and when they don’t get the service they want from a company, they switch to another.”

The takeaway: Customers are no longer comparing you to your competitor, but to the best service they ever had from anyone. Companies can’t afford poor customer service.

Reduce friction

According to Shep, someone once said, “You better Uber your business before it gets Kodak-ed.” He explains, “What Uber did is a great example of reducing friction…You open [the app] and you can see how many drivers are around and how far away they are…No anxiety. You get in the car, the driver says, “Hello Daniel or Hello Shep,” doesn’t even have to ask where you’re going because they know where you’re going, and when you get there you don’t have to pay them.”

The takeaway: When reducing friction and anxiety, companies then create an amazing experience every customer wants to have.

Act like an owner

In the interview, Shep mentions a conversation that he had with an 18-year-old waiter who was working so hard and enjoying his job that one day, a customer mistakenly thought he was the owner. The customer said to the waiter, “You’re taking so much pride in the job that you’re doing to take care of us and the other people you’re serving. We thought if you’re not the owner, then you’re certainly the owner’s son.”

Shep noted that as the waiter told him this story, he beamed with pride. The takeaway: Shep notes that the boss at this company had empowered the staff to do what it takes to take care of the customer, and that when customer service agents have a feeling of ownership and pride in their work, they can create amazing customer experiences.

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