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3 Ways Sportable Scoreboards Ups Its Game with Cloud CX

Molly Ambrogi Yanson
June 17, 2019

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33 years ago, Mike Cowen was watching his son’s baseball game when he noticed the diamond didn’t have a scoreboard. In fact, many of the places where his kids played sports lacked scorekeeping devices because local athletic programs were low on funding. So, Cowen, a self-professed data geek, decided to remedy the situation and invent his own battery-powered, portable scoreboard. And with that, Sportable Scoreboards was born.

Today, Sportable has become a major player in the youth and high school market, manufacturing 6,000 made-to-order scoreboards each year for every indoor and outdoor sport imaginable. The company’s success has hinged on meeting its customers’ unique needs. These customers are high school athletic directors and coaches with limited or non-existent budgets. They are parks and recreation departments who rely on government funding for their sports programs. They are parents and Little League officials who put on bake sales and car washes to raise money for a scoreboard.

Sportable realizes that its customers can’t always easily budget for its products. In order to keep its price point low while growing its market share, the 60-employee company decided to invest in CX Cloud technology. As a result, the company is able to find and expand on efficiencies with integrated, agile, and streamlined business processes – directly impacting the customer experience.

3 Ways Sportable Scoreboards Ups Its Game with Cloud CXReducing inefficiencies through integration

When Sportable began its digital transformation, the company was maintaining a dozen disparate, legacy systems that didn’t talk to each other. By overhauling its entire business – from marketing, sales, quoting, and customer service to finance, accounting, procurement, and order management – onto one integrated cloud platform, Sportable saw an immediate impact.

With company-wide data transparency and accuracy, sales reps can now pursue higher quality leads armed with CRM data that allows them to assign discounts to schools or booster clubs or help reduce costs through advertiser-sponsored payment arrangements. Routine tasks, such as repetitive manual data entry, are now automated across connected systems, eliminating costly mistakes. Additionally, accounting and financial teams can – for the first time ever – access the same data as their colleagues in sales and service, eliminating the confusion caused by thousands of duplicate records.

3 Ways Sportable Scoreboards Ups Its Game with Cloud CXCutting IT costs

Sportable’s IT department has also begun to reduce costs, eliminating customized integrations between disparate systems. The company cut overhead, no longer relying on a third party for server maintenance and set-up. And freed from the day-to-day business system maintenance, Sportable’s IT team is increasingly focusing on product development, exploring IoT-enabled scoreboards among other emerging technologies.

3 Ways Sportable Scoreboards Ups Its Game with Cloud CXStreamlining the quoting process

Furthermore, Sportable also transformed its customer experience, removing the barriers and complexity of finding a product that meets its customers’ unique needs at an affordable price point.

The company can now guide each athletics or parks director through a simple quoting and order process, configuring each product for lights, horns, and team colors, to name a few options. By connecting front office sales history with back office supply chain analysis, Sportable can predict which components and parts need to be purchased before they can approve a customer’s order. The result is a streamlined order fulfillment process that ships the right product to the right customer in just 10 days, or twice as fast as Sportable’s competitors.

A scoreboard has a life span of 15-20 years, and during that time it has the potential to validate thousands of games and matches at one school, park, or community. This impact will only increase, as millions of kids join organized sports programs every year.

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