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3 Ways CX Leaders Can Drive Revolutionary Change

Corie McHugh
October 16, 2020

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Adapted advice from the Often Imitated podcast

Episode 1 of Often Imitated, a new Caspian Studios CX podcast presented by Oracle CX, discusses how communities drive revolutionary change, using Benjamin Franklin as an example. According to the podcast host, Ian Faison, “Benjamin Franklin used what he learned about building a community to help build a nation.”

The episode also features an interview with Shari Johnston, founder of Women in Revenue and a partner at Winning By Design. Faison compares Women in Revenue, a community that empowers women in sales and marketing, to Franklin’s famous creation of Junto, the group of 12 friends he gathered in 1727 for structured discussion of morals, politics, and philosophy. “Like Benjamin Franklin, she (Johnston) set out to overcome obstacles that she could see in her own life and wanted to help others do the same,” said Faison.

Let’s take a look at 3 ways CX leaders can drive revolutionary change, from the interview.

See the glass ceiling before breaking through it

According to Johnston, “Most organizations can benefit by having more diversity on their executive team.” She continues, “I thought that we had gone beyond that as a society and realized at least with my own personal experience that the executive glass ceiling was very much there.” So, she came up with a plan to find like-minded women who wanted to share best practices and build their careers by founding with 10 other colleagues.

Lead customer experience with cohesive conversations and relevancy

Johnston says customers need to experience a progression in the conversation. She compares customer experience to dating; you can’t just walk up to someone in a bar and ask them to marry you. Instead, put yourself in the “customer experience empathetic shoes” and focus on learning about the customer and their situation.

Continue to grow and improve despite the pandemic

When the pandemic hit, Johnston admitted to feeling sad when the organization was forced to move to a digital format for their first community engagement event. However, she quickly realized that starting a dialogue with hundreds of women and creating an incredible digital experience was achievable. In fact, if executed well, they could have just as much fun digitally as they would in person if it was done right.

Like Franklin and Johnston, it’s possible to drive revolutionary change by building a community filled with purpose and principles; one that strives to make the world and everyone stronger.

Listen to the full episode for more CX lessons, and subscribe to Often Imitated to be notified when new weekly episodes are available.

Corie McHugh
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