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3 Ways Customer Experience Is Evolving in 2019, with Ann Handley and Brian Fanzo [VIDEO]

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June 11, 2019

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At ModernCX 2019, Brian Fanzo, Millennial Keynote Speaker and CEO of iSocialFanz took over as interviewer and met with Ann Handley, WSJ Best-Selling Author & Digital Marketing Pioneer, on the show floor to discuss the true meaning of customer experience and how it’s evolving this year.

Here are 3 key takeaways from their conversation.

Evolving beyond departmental silos

In the beginning of their interview, Brian and Ann note how the Modern Customer Experience event itself has evolved from its previous marketing focus to include many facets of customer experience to reflect the evolving business landscape. Incorporating sales, marketing, commerce, and customer care is an indication not only of the evolution of the event, but the evolution of businesses and CX professionals to reflect the entire customer journey. “It’s a massive shift in what we’ve seen over the past couple of years,” says Ann.

Evolving in storytelling

When asked if the role of content and storytelling is keeping up with customer experiences, Ann replies, “Experience means how your brand lives in the world and how your customers experience it through all these touchpoints…through story telling, through writing, through things like your email newsletter.” She continues, “The experience that your customers have and what you think your brand is are no longer separate things. They’re very much entwined…Our customers are demanding better experiences from us and it’s really marketing, and sales, and commerce, and customer care that has to catch up to that.”

Evolving degrees of fun

During the interview, Brian asks Ann for advice on incorporating fun into the customer experience while still remaining professional. Noting that customer experience requires the opportunity to be more human and vulnerable, which people will react to, Ann advises, “Let your people show their faces. Get your CEO on video, let them speak and show people who you are, not just what you do or what you sell. That is really wrapped around the notion of experience.”

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