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3 Ways Building a Human-Driven Company Is Like Making Coffee, with Bryan Kramer

SmarterCX Team
May 13, 2019

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What drives a human-driven company, and how does a company embrace its humanity to create better customer experience? At Modern CX 2019, Bryan Kramer, CEO of H2H Companies, discusses how the process of making coffee uses the same tenants that help brands become truly human-driven in the eyes of their customers.

Here are 3 ways making coffee is similar to building a human-driven company.


First, you take your coffee cup and sleeve and you simply put them together, and that’s the simplicity side. Think about a brand that’s message is so simple, you get what they do right away, and you can see exactly how they sell and deliver. Simplicity allows you to attract people in a way that makes it easy for them to understand exactly what it is that you do.


Then, we put in our Keurig shot and click the button. It goes easy, but not everything is that easy. Some things are a little more imperfect. We don’t even know how this cup of coffee might turn out, because sometimes imperfection really does happen — and it happens to companies all the time. Not everything goes right all the time, so when it doesn’t, own it. Embrace your imperfection and watch everyone believe that you are truly human in what you do.


It’s time now to taste and enjoy your cup of coffee. The way that you attach meaning to the customer or put the customer at the center of what you do is through empathy. It’s the key to unlocking mutual respect and humanity between your company and your customer.

In everything that you do, try to drive at simplicity, imperfection, and empathy which will help drive a truly human-driven company. And at the end of the day, we can all enjoy a nice cup of coffee.

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