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3 Ways B2B Companies Can Create a Cohesive Relationship Between Sales and Marketing With Matt Heinz [VIDEO]

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July 18, 2019

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At Oracle Modern Customer Experience 2019, Kevin Gee, Senior Director of Modern Marketing Business Transformation at Oracle met with Matt Heinz, President of Heinz Marketing and discussed how B2B companies can connect better with buyers by building a relationship between sales and marketing.

In order to establish more repeatable, scalable processes to deliver these results, marketing and sales teams come together to become more involved in making revenue responsible.

Watch our video and read 3 ways in which B2B companies can create a cohesive relationship between sales and marketing.

The value of account-based

We are starting to see organizations where sales and marketing aren’t just strategically aligned, but they’re tactically and operationally aligned as well. What really matters now is the outcome of marketing, the influence you have on revenue and sales. To Heinz, account-based means sales and marketing working together at every stage of the buying journey. Account-based is also taking account for the entire buying committee inside large organizations.

The end of MQL’s

Marketing qualified leads are an important component of driving demand and driving a predictable pipeline for your organization, but it doesn’t end there. Heinz believes that organizations that put MQL’s as their goal are short-changing their own ability to drive and be perceived as a sales driver and a revenue center. Regarding MQL’s in an account-based format, volume doesn’t matter anymore. It’s about how many conversations and discovery calls you are having, and how many clients are you getting to agree to the next step of a conversation about their problems. A short-term approach to account-based is not working where marketing creates a multi-touch integrated campaign and sales isn’t even involved in the process.

A culture change inside the organization

Today we are seeing an environment where marketing and sales both have roles at most stages of the buying process. Heinz discusses how marketing can move from being more activity-based to more outcome-based. To start the culture change, try to get marketing to embrace a little more ambiguity in the outcome of their work. Another part of driving the culture changes is needing leadership to buy into it. The very top of the organization should be on board knowing this is the way you’re going to operate as a business moving forward.

When trying to integrate sales and marketing, keep in mind the stages of developing this cohesive relationship. It can go from no integration, to ineffective, to minimal, to moderate. Even if you are going from no integration to “not good” integration, you are still improving your numbers and increasing your ability to drive revenue in the organization.

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