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3 Ways a Customer Experience Can Become a Brand Ambassador

Corie McHugh
January 25, 2019

3 minute read

Adapted advice from the Experience This! podcast with Joey Coleman and Dan Gingiss.

Sometimes an incredible customer experience earns deeper investigation and can create a brand ambassador. In episode 40 of Experience This!, a customer experience podcast series, hosts and CX experts Joey Coleman and Dan Gingiss look further into remarkable customer interactions and consider how and why they happen.

Joey and Dan share a story from Nate Brown, a CX Accelerator and owner of a small photography business. Nate explains how many wedding stories he’s heard where the photographer becomes so results-oriented that they actually forget about what creates a great customer experience. The focus should be about having positive perceptions of the service being offered. By having both amazing service and remarkable experiences, people will talk about you, tell their friends, and allow you to receive referral business. Here are 3 ways a customer experience can become a brand ambassador.

Know that the customer experience can begin before the product or service is delivered.

Nate received a note from the mother of the bride stating, “I cannot tell you how impressed we were with you on Saturday. You have a wonderful gift to make people feel special. Your patience, kindness, creativity and attention to detail are truly remarkable. You made our very special day even more special.” What’s funny about the note is that the mother of the bride hadn’t even seen the pictures. Without even seeing the results, the customer wrote a glowing review just based on his professionalism. This is a helpful reminder that the customer experience is the product. Joey says, “The experience that you give to people, the way you make them feel, their experience of interacting with you, that is actually what they’re paying for.”

When in a service business that caters to major life events, remember it is all about the customer.

At an event like a wedding, the customer is really worried about things not going well. This is where delivering incredible service is going to make you memorable. Focus only on the customer, not on yourself. The customer is the star and you’re going to make a meaningful experience for them.

Share your successes.

When you have a customer willing to write a rave review, let them do it, share it with everyone, and always respond to show your appreciation. Many brands tend to focus on the complaints first, which is a good thing to do; however, don’t ignore the people who compliment your brand or service. A simple like, retweet, or thank you goes a long way to express to customers that you appreciate them.

To learn about other remarkable customer experiences and other CX lessons from Episode 40 of Experience This, listen to the full episode.

Corie McHugh
Corie McHugh is originally from New Orleans, studied English & Theater at Florida State University, and she received her Masters in Theater Education from NYU. She has a passion for the arts and has worked in the education world for over twelve years. In her free time, she enjoys managing social media, writing, cheering on the Saints, and spending time with her two year old son.
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