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3 Tips to Improve Customer Service with Your Marketing Strategy

Erin Ollila
July 10, 2018

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Adapted advice from the Experience This! podcast with Joey Coleman and Dan Gingiss.

In episode 26 of Experience This!, a customer experience podcast series, hosts and CX experts Joey Coleman and Dan Gingiss discuss the many ways businesses can learn how to improve customer service with small, and often unnoticed marketing moments, varying from a package’s copywriting to handling how an end user experiences simple website errors.

In particular, Joey talks about his recent experiences with a new food delivery system and what happened when a website he was browsing brought him to a 404 Error page. Here are three tips on how to improve customer service with your marketing messages.

customer service tip 1

Make it easy to do business with you

It’s easy to make unhealthy food choices. When discussing his lunch routine before subscribing to the meal delivery service Factor 75, Joey approximates that it takes him just less than two minutes to heat a quesadilla in the microwave and about three minutes to slap together two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. When he gets his first box, Joey wonders, “Oh, geez. What am I going to have to do? This is like some highfalutin vegetables and all this stuff. It’s going to take me 20 minutes to make this.”

Dan understands his concern and says, “It’s kind of interesting because it is hard to make healthy food and it’s usually expensive at the store and this is why we buy so many packaged goods.” But to Joey’s surprise, he’s able to heat his Factor 75 meal in two-minutes time, without soiling any of his own dishes. As an added perk, all the packaging is recyclable.

Joey comments, “Look at your directions. Look at the way you’re encouraging your users to use your service or use your product, and make sure that they are so simple that a first timer can use it and be happy.”

customer service tip 2

Remind clients why they’re doing something good

Besides the simple convenience of precooked meals, Joey’s family chose to subscribe to Factor 75 because they wanted to make healthier food choices. However, there’s nothing sexy about going from savory-though-often-unhealthy foods to a meal packed with vegetables and other healthy ingredients. That is, unless you embrace copywriting to tell a story and congratulate your customers for making smart decisions, which is exactly what Factor 75 did. After listing the healthy ingredients and why the vitamins included are beneficial for you, the company’s packaging reads, “This is an indulgence you can feel good about.”

Joey comments, “They’re actually having fun with it, which definitely contributes to my personal experience, not to mention, the food tastes good.”

customer service tip 3

Guide your customer’s journey

After finding himself on a website’s 404 error page, Joey recalls a recent conversation he had with Dan about one of Neil Patel’s blog posts with suggestions on how marketers can actually use this page to their benefit, instead of losing potential clients whose journey ends there.

Based on one of Patel’s suggestions, Dan says, “They’re obviously at this page by accident, and if you put some clear language and some specific navigation on there, you can actually direct them to certain pages on your website that you know they would be interested in and that also convert well.” A win-win for the end user and the business.

To learn more about how to improve customer service and other CX lessons from Episode 26 of Experience This, listen to the full episode. But don’t stop there! Find more episodes of Experience This! at

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