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3 Tips on How to Build Relationships and Create a Better CX

Jodi Warner
July 09, 2020

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Even during periods of uncertainty, it’s still important to connect with your customers and work on relationship building. According to a 4A’s Research study from March, nearly 85% of consumers want to hear from brands at this time.

In a recent On the Fly video, Customer Service and Customer Experience Expert Shep Hyken highlights three ways to help connect and build relationships with your customers while creating a better CX.

Stay in touch

“This is the perfect opportunity to reach out to past, current, and future customers,” says Hyken. He recommends standing out by reaching out to your customers through video. While there are many video platforms available to choose from, Hyken says, “The key is to make the video personal.”

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Grow when it’s slow

According to Hyken, “Many people that are forced to work from home find they have extra time.” He recommends using that extra time to take an online course. Class Central, an online education clearinghouse, is one of the many resources for free classes including nearly 500 free online courses from Ivy League universities.

Hyken also suggests gifting your customers with educational content to let them know you’re thinking of them. A recent US News article highlights 10 free online certifications to help with career advancement, including Developing Your Emotional Intelligence, Brand Management: Aligning Business, Brand, and Behavior, and Race and Cultural Diversity in American Life and History.

When things are slower for you, think about creating a video message to check in with your customers or offer a free learning or certification course. “Let your customers know that you’re thinking of them and want to make their lives better,” Hyken said.

Have an attitude for gratitude

Hyken reflects on what he calls “the good old days,” where he complained about the traffic to and from work or that he didn’t get his free upgrade on his cross-country flight. “Looking at what we have today makes those little problems and complaints from before seem pretty insignificant,” he says.

However, Hyken notes that even with all of the little problems we complained about before we now know how good we really had it.

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